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Browse the latest Cyprus property news at Cyprus Property Guides. Here, we’ve rounded up all the need-to-know stories from the housing market.

If you’re buying a house in Cyprus, you’ll need to keep up with the latest developments in the market. Our coverage includes everything that buyers need to know, including forecasts, new regulations, and the hottest trends.

How to make friends in Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus is an exciting adventure, but it can be daunting to leave friends and family behind. Fortunately, locals and expats are welcoming and sociable, so you’ll find plenty of chances to meet new people.

Should you be worried about Cypriot justice?

When you buy a property in Cyprus you want to know that you’re legally protected. Yet recent events much-discussed in the press may make you doubt you’ll be treated fairly by the courts. Our writer in Cyprus investigates.

Why and what to buy in Larnaca

If you’re planning your new life – or second home – in Cyprus, why should you choose Larnaca? Having lived in Cyprus now for 25 years, I remember when it was only really known for its international airport. These days Larnaca has so much more to offer it can now be considered a great place to live. Helen Epaminonda Smith explains why.

Three idyllic villages in Cyprus

Looking for a friendly community, in the heart of Cyprus but with English speaking neighbours too? Then check out these three lovely villages, handpicked by our writer in Cyprus, with property prices too.

Do you need to learn Greek to live in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of Britain’s oldest allies in the Mediterranean and we love it for our shared history and culture, including driving on the left! But Cyprus is still very much its own country with a culture and language that far predates our own. So a move here isn’t just about warm weather and sea views, but about embracing Cyprus as a whole. But do you need to learn Greek to live in Cyprus? Our resident expat Helen Epaminonda gives her view.

Top tips for a healthy, active retirement in Cyprus

We all want to have a happy life when we retire. And for us Brits, escaping the wet and windy British weather to sunnier climes is a big attraction. That’s why I recommend Cyprus for your retirement – not just because of the fantastic weather here, but because you can have a healthy, happy retirement. Read on to find out how to make the most of it.

Self-building in Cyprus, part 1: Buying the Land

Could you build your own home in Cyprus? If you’re going to make a fresh start in Cyprus, especially in retirement, or buy a holiday home, you may as well move into somewhere special! Many of us have spent a large part of our lives imagining the perfect home, where everything fits together exactly as we want it. So we’re starting a three-part series on self-building in Cyprus, written by someone who did it. In this week’s first part we’re looking into where to buy your building plot and what it will cost. 

Keeping cool in Cyprus

I’m writing to you now whilst in the middle of a heatwave in Cyprus. With temperatures in the summer months reaching mid to top 30 degrees Celsius, it’s topical for you to know ways to keep cool! There’s more than just air con, and those of us who lived here before home A-C became widespread have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves!

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