Helen Epaminonda

Helen left the UK to live in Cyprus in 1994. She married her Greek Cypriot husband and moved into the dream house that they had built. She has two children, whom she has raised in Cyprus. She has taught English Language/Literature to Cypriot children/adults, and is currently a freelance editor. She says: “It’s a slower lifestyle than the UK, with the added bonus of feeling safe. Cyprus is steeped in history and culture, and the British are always welcomed here. Cypriots are great people and I have many friends who are British and other nationalities too!”

Articles by Helen Epaminonda

The unrivalled Limassol Carnival

Limassol in southern Cyprus hosts an annual carnival that everyone within the vicinity looks forward to. It’s a huge folk festival that is totally unmissable for Limassol locals.

Why I love living in Cyprus

Having lived in Limassol for over 20 years now, I can safely say that when you come to live in Cyprus you will have an easy life. And it’s not just because of the wonderful sunny beach weather in the summer.

Cyprus Cost of Living 2022

Cyprus currently appears to be particularly sheltered from excessive cost of living rises. There have been increases that Cypriot consumers find eyewatering, especially since basic consumer salaries remain particularly low. This article explains the present situation and current government plans to help.

Introducing photovoltaic energy panels

Prices for energy and electricity are shooting up worldwide and costs are higher than ever before.  Sadly, energy costs are still gaining upward momentum, so we’re looking into alternative energy sources to help save you a bit of money in your Cyprus home.