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Canada cools its property market

As we approach the end of the year’s second quarter we are starting to see a real slowdown in Canadian home sales. This trend is largely down to the Toronto market, with the province of Ontario recently introducing measures to purposefully cool the booming market.

Canadian dads!

How is it being a father in modern Canada? You need look no further than hands-on dad Justin Trudeau to see how progressive Canadian fatherhood is. But does the state help out with paid paternity leave?

Canada’s newspapers

Canada has a diverse and exciting print media. Much is still printed even in these digital days, but if you want to get a feel for local life, why not check out such titles as the Red Deer Advocate or the Moose Jaw Times Herald online?

Seven books that capture Canada

Here’s another great thing about Canada, the English language! Canada has a rich literary history and some wonderful home-grown authors. Here, to mark UN World Book Day last week, we take a look at seven books that get under the skin of Canada.

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