Written by Christopher Nye,
28th February 2018

Having moved to Canada, settling in will become your main focus. By making an effort to do so your health and well-being will be positively affected, you will be more productive, you will become an active member of the local community and ultimately you will be happy!

As an English speaking country you have something of a head start when it comes to settling in over in Canada, unlike some other expat destinations. But there are other factors to consider.


You’ll easily settle into your new life in Canada with a little effort.

Think ahead

Before you even leave the UK you can begin preparing for the inevitable adjustment period. Online research can quickly show you what to expect in regards to weather/seasons, average salaries, when the bins need to go out and many other aspects of Canadian life.

Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes if you’re moving over during winter.

Being prepared can also include thinking about what items you are going to bring with you. Certain sentimental possessions can provide comfort and help you deal with the transition. However, don’t forget you are starting a new life so there is no need to bring absolutely everything you own. Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes if you’re moving over during winter.

Personal well-being

An easy way to help make the move as pain free as possible is to take care of yourself. Making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating healthily are great ways to assist the settling in process. This is a time when stress levels can be high, but by taking regular exercise and watching your diet you can maintain a healthy outlook and really focus on creating a new and happy life. There aren’t many better places to take a stroll than in Canada’s great outdoors.

Making Friends

Making new friends is essential to feeling a part of your new community and at ease in your new surroundings. In addition to making Canadian friends, there are also lots of opportunities to meet British expats who are going through the same transition as you, or have done it all before.

Thanks to the internet there are social media groups dedicated to connecting likeminded expatriates – events include regular meet-ups and social mixers. Plus you can hop on expat websites for general information about life in your chosen destination. There are also sports clubs dedicated to the viewing of a particular football team’s televised matches or actual participation in weekend or evening sports leagues. This includes traditional British sports like football and even cricket or perhaps you’ve been watching the winter Olympics and you fancy giving ice hockey a go – it’s like a religion over here!


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