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Keep up with the latest Canadian property market news here at Property Guides. We cover all the updates that matter if you’re looking to buy property in Canada, including legislation, market forecasts, and housing developments. You’ll also find handy tips and insights to help you on your buying journey. Read the latest Canadian property news below.


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Your Canadian mountain home

If you like mountains, you’ll love Canada. Today, we’re looking at some of the best mountain communities in Canada. But once you’ve spent some time enjoying the views, what will you do for a living? And what will you pay for a home? We put our crampons on and went to investigate.

Canada slowly emerges from lockdown

Canada is slowly emerging from lockdown, as shops and restaurants reopen their doors. The property market is also restarting and, while travel is still restricted, the country is planning ahead and continuing to issue thousands of invitations for immigration applications.

How is the reality of life in Canada?

Russ and Sarah are a British couple with two small kids who moved to Canada in 2015 to a small town called Squamish, British Columbia, an hour outside Vancouver. Here we ask them why they chose Canada, what their biggest expectations and challenges were, and what they love about their new life here.

Can you sponsor your partner to move to Canada?

If you have a job offer to work in Canada but you want to move with a partner or children, you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible for them to join you, as long as you meet certain requirements. The government is particularly welcoming of new talent from overseas, and that includes families. Here’s how you can sponsor your partner to move to Canada.

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