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Moving your possessions to Canada

The act of moving from one country to another requires some thought and careful preparation. But it is not as complicated as you may have first thought. Being such a distance from the UK, the cost of removals to Canada can be quite high. However, you do benefit from keeping your cherished possessions. This means you’ll have less new items to buy when you are setting up your first Canadian home.

Life in the Okanagan Valley

Located midway between Vancouver and Alberta in south central British Columbia, is the 180 kilometre long Okanagan Valley. Known throughout Canada for its thriving wine and fruit industries.

Finding a Canadian destination to suit your budget

With so much to offer – space, jobs, scenery, property – it’s easy to see why Canada is such a popular destination. But where exactly should you head to find your perfect property? Let’s explore your options at both ends of the budget scale.

Learn about life in Canada

Are you fed up of reading bog standard travel guides about Canada, or have you watched Due South a hundred times? Here’s our selection of great Canadian books, blogs and films to get you even more excited about your life here.

Life in the Canadian Prairie Provinces

The three Prairie Provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan represent a 2,000 km stretch of land sandwiched between British Columbia and Ontario. Fabulous cities, stunning scenery and employment opportunities combine to make them an increasingly popular destination for people moving to Canada.

Your guide to settling into your new life in Canada

Having moved to Canada, settling in will become your main focus. By making an effort to do so your health and well-being will be positively affected, you will be more productive, you will become an active member of the local community and ultimately you will be happy!

Finding your perfect job in Canada

Finding a job will be one of your first steps when planning your move to Canada. The good news is that there are ample career opportunities in this great country right now. Navigating your way through a new professional environment can be tricky, however, so consider these tips on Canadian employment before you make the move. 

Canadian customs & traditions

Canada has a lot going for it, but aside from the stunning scenery and outdoorsy lifestyle what customs and longstanding traditions will you encounter as a newcomer to this great country?

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