Meghan Zuvelek

Meghan is a writer, digital marketer, estate agent and avid traveller who moved to Canada from Australia more years ago than she cares to remember! Meghan is passionate about helping people create their ideal lifestyles wherever they like in the world and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion and knowledge. Recently Meghan acquired her estate agent license and she’s able to bring a fresh perspective to the property buying business with plenty of insider knowledge. She also recently had a baby in Canada, and so brings a well-rounded perspective of Canadian childcare, health and family life, as well as property.

Articles by Meghan Zuvelek

Sydney area guide

Australia has more UK expats than any other nationality and many of these expats find their way to Sydney to work, raise children and retire. Sydney is a dynamic and world-class city, it is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and boasts a high standard of living. With plenty of work opportunities, a diverse array of neighbourhoods to choose from, and loads of activities available, life in Sydney is anything but dull.

Home buyers in Canada look beyond Toronto

We have just come to the end of the spring buying season, typically the busiest season for real estate across most markets in Canada. With housing affordability a major issue in many parts of Canada, it was a very interesting spring indeed for prices. So what is happening in the property market in Canada as we enter the quieter summer period?

Understanding the Canadian Tax System

If you’re planning to relocate to Canada, you’ll want an understanding of the Canadian tax system to ensure you are compliant with local tax laws. In Canada, taxes are set by the federal and provincial government and are collected by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). The types of taxes you may need to be aware of as an expat or retiree in Canada are income tax, government sales tax (GST), provincial sales tax (PST), and property transfer tax (PTT) if you are buying real estate in Canada.

Where to buy a holiday home in Australia

Who wouldn’t want a holiday home in Australia? Somewhere to weather the British winter in a stunning Australian summer. A beachside pad near your Antipodean family. A base for when the England cricket team are touring (and a place to drown your sorrows!). A nice bit of rental income? But where should you buy a holiday home in Australia?

10 best places to buy a holiday home in Canada

Thinking of buying a holiday home in Canada and want to know where the top places are? In this guide we highlight the ten best spots to buy a holiday home in this wonderful country. They have been selected based on their investment opportunities as well as visitor appeal for features such as natural scenery, adventure hot spots, luxury escapes and city culture.