Meghan Zuvelek

Meghan is a writer, digital marketer, estate agent and avid traveller who moved to Canada from Australia more years ago than she cares to remember! Meghan is passionate about helping people create their ideal lifestyles wherever they like in the world and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion and knowledge. Recently Meghan acquired her estate agent license and she’s able to bring a fresh perspective to the property buying business with plenty of insider knowledge. She also recently had a baby in Canada, and so brings a well-rounded perspective of Canadian childcare, health and family life, as well as property.

Articles by Meghan Zuvelek

How to settle into Australian life

To make the most of your time in Australia there are a few things you can do to fit in. Keep an open mind, don’t get offended easily and be prepared to let your guard down as you embrace the Australian culture and integrate into your new way of life. Don’t forget to learn the ins and outs of the LBW rule!

Living in the Australian Outback

The Outback is a place scorched by sun, where the stars shine brighter than anywhere in the world, and your nearest neighbour could be hundreds of kilometres away. And of course the world-famous Uluru (Ayres Rock) sits proudly in the centre of the country. For those looking for a rugged experience away from it all in rural Australia, life in the Outback is where it’s at. Watch Crocodile Dundee again if you don’t believe me.
How to know if it’s time to move abroad

How to know if it’s time to move abroad

Like most people you probably have dreams and desires to live in far off places. Somewhere you can experience unique and interesting cultures, spending endless days lounging on beaches in the sun and feasting your eyes on some of the most stunning sites in the world.
Settle down in sub-Saharan Africa

Settle down in sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is defined as the area of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara and includes popular countries like Cape Verde, Ghana, Mauritius, and the Seychelles.

Tasmania: relaxed, rugged and affordable

Tasmania – “Tassie” to the locals – is known for its rugged scenery, fabulous foodie scene and welcoming locals. A cooler climate than the rest of Australia makes it popular with British expats keen to avoid the full-on heat of somewhere like Perth, while still benefiting from mild winters, longer summers and that laid-back Australian charm.