Written by Meghan Zuvelek,
1st March 2018

Do you dream of moving abroad but worry about finding work when you get there? Don’t let this hold you back from relocating to another country. Here are some top tips to get your job hunt started.


Does the life of a digital nomad appeal to you?


Online job directories

A simple Google search will reveal a range of work opportunities no matter where you are in the world. International job boards such as Indeed and Monster feature jobs in many countries. Country specific online job boards can also be found easily. This is a great way to get a sense of the types of jobs available, and is an easy way to begin sending off resumes to potential employers.

With a LinkedIn profile you can easily research different companies across the world, view and sign up for job alerts and network with professionals in your industry.


LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals. It connects people across all industries, provides job listings and offers the latest industry information and trends. With a LinkedIn profile you can easily research different companies across the world, view and sign up for job alerts and network with professionals in your industry wherever you are hoping to relocate. This is an excellent platform to research the job market in your destination and connect with professionals in the area. Make sure you have a strong profile detailing your past and present work experience and you will be well-placed to find a new job.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are a fast way to connect with job opportunities internationally. Typically, a recruitment agency will specialise in a particular industry, so finding one for your sector and you will instantly have professionals conducting the job search for you. Recruitment agents get paid by employers for finding qualified candidates and placing them, meaning the service is usually free for job seekers.

Company transfers

If you work for an international corporation, exploring the option of an overseas transfer is one way to get a job in a new country. Most multi-national companies have internal transfer programs where employees can work in another country for a specific period of time. This is a straight-forward way to work abroad. In many cases relocation fees, housing and salary are pre-determined and arranged before your arrival, making the process simple.

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Freelancers essentially conduct contract work for businesses. Writing, photography, graphic design and web-design are typically fall under this banner. Adventurous people who do this sometimes refer to themselves as “flylancers”. Upwork and Fiverr are two good examples of websites that connect freelancers to projects.

Freelancers often take work on a project basis; however there are always ongoing opportunities for those seeking long-term work. If the freedom that this brings appeals to you, take your work with you and live the life of a digital nomad, travelling and working from anywhere. Just make sure you have a decent internet connection!

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