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Capital Gains Tax in the UK

HMRC has targeted property investors in recent years, especially with capital gains tax hitting second home owners and buy-to-let landlords. So what can you do to limit your exposure to this in the UK?

UK property investment options

When looking at your buy-to-let options in the UK, not all rentals are the same. There is a wide choice of lettings that you could offer. Which you choose will depend not only on your budget and personal preferences, but also on how easy it will be to manage the property. Here we analyse a few types of rental, with the pros and cons.

Luxury property slowdown offers good value for savvy buyers

With Brexit looming and still no sign of a finished deal, luxury property developers are feeling the pinch. The upper end of the property market has long priced out normal buyers, with high-class units selling for eye-wateringly high sums, particularly in London. But, with the number of unsold off-plan homes under construction in the capital sitting at record levels, could there be bargains on the horizon for savvy buyers?

What are the rental rules in the UK if you’re letting out your home?

Letting out a UK rental property can be a sound investment. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, rents could increase 15% in the next five years. So, whether you’re renting out your old home while moving abroad, or you’re already overseas but want to buy again back home as an investment, this could be a great income source for you. However, there have been a number of changes to rental rules recently – and the rules aren’t the same nationwide. Here are the main rental rules in the UK to be aware of.

Top 10 UK tech hubs for international home-buyers

The UK’s digital sector is growing twice as fast as the wider economy.  Furthermore, between just 2014 and 2017, employment in the sector grew by 13%. It’s clear that there are plenty opportunities out there for digital specialists looking to move to the UK. Plenty of well paid opportunities, that is: on average, the average advertised digital salary is 44% higher than a non-digital one. If you’re looking for where to find a tech job in the UK, look no further. We’ve put together a list of the top ten digital hubs with a great quality of life right across the country.

Why buy property in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

With a Welshman winning the Tour de France last week, the son of a Scotswoman in the White House and Northern Ireland scuppering a smooth Brexit, the three smaller nations of the United Kingdom have been in the news recently. If you’e wondering where to buy property in the UK, they will certainly be of interest to you. 

Key data for UK property investors

The UK isn’t short of data on the property market. Indeed it might be a case of TMI – too much information – when you consider that at least ten different organisations produce house price indexes. But two official stats are a good place to start when collecting data for UK property investment.

Where is the next Crossrail?

With lack of space and millions of people on the move each day, transport is a vexed issue for many British people trying to get to work on time. For investors, property near transport hubs seem to offer good returns. For home buyers, they offer exciting new developments that are great for commuting. Here are a few infrastructure projects to consider.

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