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UK property open for business, but flights delayed

Many of us have had to put our plans to buy a home in the UK on hold for a few months. But for those of us who want to move before the Brexit transition period, who want to avoid the non-resident stamp duty from next April, or who just want to be here now, waiting until next year is not an option! So what can you do now?  

Buying UK property during coronavirus

With estate agents working from home during coronavirus, you can still buy your dream home here, with the help of technology. We find out what your options are if you wish to buy a property in Britain or you are already well into the process. Find out, too, how the industry is adapting to the crisis and see how future purchasers can fix their exchange rate.

Protecting your UK holiday home for winter

With long nights and icy temperatures, winter holds additional risks for our homes. When they’re holiday homes that are left empty during void periods or treated a little carelessly by tenants, those risks multiply. You need to look carefully at your insurance policy! Even better, don’t get into a position where you need to suffer damage and make a claim in the first place. The UK Property Guide’s partner Intasure offer a few tips on keeping your holiday home in Britain safe this winter.

Returning to the UK: can you claim benefits?

Each year some 600,000 people move to the UK. A large proportion of those are British people coming back. They may have been living abroad for work, for their health, for early retirement, or with their parents. Many of them will be entitled to benefits. But to claim benefits when returning to the UK your first requirement will be to pass the Habitual Residence Test.

How to access healthcare if you’re moving back to the UK

For many of our readers coming back to Britain after living abroad, one of the concerns is whether they can still access the NHS and other medical services. Fortunately, the answer is a yes, with no time requirement after moving back. Here’s how to access healthcare when returning to the UK, plus what help with costs you could be entitled to.

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