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You can browse the latest Italy property news at Italy Property Guides. Here, you’ll find updates on all things to do with the Italian property market, essential if you plan on buying a property in Italy. We cover many topics, including market forecasts, new laws and regulations, and property trends.

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Summer Events in Italy

Summer in Italy is full of festivals, concerts, processions and great food. So, join in with the locals and immerse yourself in the tradition and culture.  

Brexit: How it affects life in Italy.

How has the EU referendum result changed people’s views in Italy about the UK and their own place in the European Union. Italians have previously looked up to Britain as a stable, well organised nation of people, with utmost common sense. But since the EU referendum result and the flow of British political leaders dropping out of taking responsibility, they are looking at us Brits with a mixture of sympathy and disbelief.

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