Written by Alexis Goldberg,
3rd April 2018

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Family allowance

Family allowance for families with two children or more will rise by 1%. The increase in the means-tested allowance will be in line with inflation for 2017. The same will apply to other benefits like early childcare assistance (PAJE) and the back-to-school allowance. The minimum pension will also rise to €833 per month.

Energy cheques

Families on modest incomes in France will receive a cheque this month to help pay winter energy bills. This covers around four million households.

Family allowance for families with two children or more will rise by 1%.

Eviction of tenants

In France landlords are not allowed to evict tenants for non-payment of rent during the winter months, or cut off their gas and electricity supply if bills haven’t been paid. This comes to an end on 1 April each year, when 110,000 to 115,000 evictions begin.

Health records

Launched in 2006, the carnet de sante is a health book which each new parent receives. Starting this month the book will also contain information on the 11 mandatory vaccinations, news of scientific advances in medicine and advice on keeping small children away from computer, phone and tablet screens.


April has brought good news for families with two children or more .


In early April all banks will replace handwritten signatures for transactions with electronic signatures, to increase the use of electronic forms and contracts in the financial sector.

Gas prices

The first two months of the year saw increases in gas prices, but after dipping in March this downward trend is expected to continue into April, with the average price falling by around 1.1%.

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Car safety features

From 1 April all new cars are required to be equipped with emergency contact buttons. The free system is triggered automatically if the airbags are deployed, or the driver can deploy it manually in case of illness, assault or an accident. They will then be put in contact with an operator who can notify the relevant emergency services if necessary. Anyone driving an older car can buy a kit for around €250.

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