You know you want to buy in France, but how do you make it happen? Quite simple, the longest journey starts with a single step!

France consistently remains one of the most popular countries in which to live. The UK’s nearest neighbour, America’s oldest ally, Australia’s… well I don’t why Australians love France so much but they keep on coming (a chance to visit relatives in Britain without the need to live there, perhaps?), it just offers so much. It is a beautiful country with oodles of space, tremendous beauty in its countryside, towns and villages, renowned for its gastronomy and wine, fabulous coastlines and mountains, astounding culture and a very exciting history! I could go on.

The UK’s nearest neighbour, America’s oldest ally, Australia’s… well I don’t why Australians love France so much but they keep on coming!

When it comes to looking for property, your money will go a long way. You can still buy a wonderful home in many parts of the country for half of what you could buy in many parts of the UK.

What does it take to make your dream of buying a property in France a reality? If you are truly motivated to do so, you need to believe that you can do what so many people have done before. Once you start searching and realise how much you can afford, that here in France you have enormous space before you (let us not forget how big France is, twice as large as the UK) and that there is far less traffic on the roads, making driving a complete pleasure, you will gain the motivation to do what you have dreamed of.


So close, your new life in France!


Making a list of how you are going to go about it will be a good start. Think about where you would like to be and set yourself a timeline for, say a year, to make it all happen. It really doesn’t matter how old you are: we have plenty of friends of all age groups with and without children who have upped sticks and moved to France from the UK. Not one of them has ever looked back. If anything, they simply wish they had done so earlier!

One giant leap you can make towards your new life in France is coming to see us at Your Overseas Home in Manchester, Saturday 24th June. A chance to get answers to all your questions, and see thousands of French homes too!

Here at France Property Guides we do just that: guide you through the whole process. You will find information on every single aspect of buying in France whether it is sorting out your finances, finding decent estate agents, knowing how the French buying process works or simply finding out about how life really is in France.

Sometimes a guiding hand is all we need to motivate us to do what we have long yearned to do and this is precisely what we aim for here. Life in France is much more laid back than in the UK. There is a tremendous sense of family and community values hold strong. If it is your dream to buy in France you can do it.

To organise your property search in France, download the Property Guides Viewing Trip app, for all Iphones. It’s completely FREE, and very helpful.

Buying a House in France Guide.

The France Buying Guide walks you step-by-step through each stage of the property buying process in France. Additionally, there are also practical recommendations from our experts who have been through the process themselves. The guide will help you to:

  Understand Brexit
  Find your property
  Ask the right questions
  Avoid losing money
  Avoid the legal pitfalls
  Move in successfully

Download your free guide to buying in France

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