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Last Modified: 24th February 2021

If you’re searching for your perfect new life in France, discovering the Corrèze could be the answer. Home to several of the officially named “Most beautiful Villages in France”, this area has lots to offer.

Set within the beautiful Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France sits the department of Corrèze, named after the river that runs through it. Bordered by Haute-Vienne and the Creuse to the North, Puy-de-Dome and Cantal to the East, the Lot to the South and Dordogne to the West, it is perfectly situated to explore some of the most popular areas of France.

With relatively hot summers and colder winters, it provides the perfect combination of outdoor and indoor living. Aside from the wealth of Medieval heritage, the area bustles with culture, nature and outdoor activity opportunities galore. You can, therefore, probably understand why it has risen in popularity with tourists.

Then there is the local food produce. Discovering the Corrèze *must* involve sampling some of the local gastronomic delights. These include black truffles, foie gras, goose and duck products along with various alcoholic drinks produced by the region. The area is a popular location for both permanent residents and holiday home-owners due to the varied climate and central location.

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Discovering the Corrèze could be the answer.


Transport Links

Due to its very central position in France, transport links are good. Covered by motorway routes linking it with ease to both North-South and East-West France, the region is also served by two airports with flights to and from the UK.

Property Prices

Property prices are still relatively good value here. In the past, only a small percentage of houses were holiday homes. But, considering what the area has to offer, that is sure to change. With the Corrèze providing the perfect balance of tranquil rural living alongside hustle and bustle, the area is certainly rising in popularity. It is clear, though, that there are some price discrepancies between the more lively areas and remote tranquil villages. So conduct your property search carefully.

With the Corrèze providing the perfect balance of tranquil rural living alongside hustle and bustle, the area is certainly rising in popularity.


Turenne is one of the “Most beautiful Villages in France”. Due to its height and position on top of a cliff, Turenne makes for truly spectacular viewing. Surrounded by forests, caves and hills with not one, but two rivers running through it, the locality provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities (especially canoeing or just “lazing about on the river”). As well as the wonders that nature offers in this region, the rich heritage of the castle (or at least the ruins which remain) and the stunning views attracts many a visitor.

Prices here for houses average €1283 per m².

Stunning views in Turenne attract many a visitor.


The most populated town of the Corrèze, the fortified town of Brive-la Gaillarde is a joy to behold. Filled with parks and gardens, this friendly, relaxed yet lively place is a favourite for tourists. There is never a lack of things to do and see. From the regular Saturday morning Georges Brassens covered market, where seasonal produce of all types is in abundance, to the markets specialising in foie gras, duck and goose products and black truffles held between November and February (attracting tourists, connoisseurs and dealers alike) to the August Festival of Regional Cattle breeding. Who could pass up the opportunity of seeing an entire farm in the middle of the town? Alongside product tasting and cooking demonstrations, this festival provides a real treat for “foodies”.

Prices here average €1249 per m² for apartments and €1506 per m² for houses.

Alongside product tasting and cooking demonstrations, this festival provides a real treat for “foodies”.


On the right bank of the river Dordogne sits the medieval town of Beaulieu. As well as the magnificent and historic old town, it is home to the Abbey Church of Saint-Pierre de Beaulieu. It is a Roman-style church housing several religious sculptures, including Christ, who are said to welcome in believers. The mild climate here makes it the perfect place for strawberry cultivation. Discovering the Corrèze during May gives you the perfect opportunity to attend the famous strawberry festival that the town hosts. With a giant strawberry tart, food and drink stalls, activities galore and hot air-ballooning, this is the perfect family day out.

House prices here average €1307 per m².

On the right bank of the river Dordogne sits the medieval town of Beaulieu.


Situated equidistant from Brive, Tulle and Argentat, Beynat is a thriving village and prides itself on the successful partnership of old and new. Whilst it’s proud of its history and heritage, it embraces and welcomes new traditions and culture. As with other places in France, the two sit alongside each other with pride. The old quarter and its shops, boutiques and cafes invites you to shop, stroll and live.

Famous for the production of chestnuts, in October the village hosts the Chestnut Festival. This includes a market selling chestnuts in many different forms and products. Not to be missed is the tasting of the Giant Chestnut which is worthy of an entire afternoon’s ceremony!

House prices here average €1473 per m².

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The centre of this pretty, yet small village contains many old stone houses, as well as the local church, and provides stunning, far-reaching views across hills and valleys below it. Notable sights here include the small Chapel of the Penitents within the central square, the Maison Noble built in 1364 (one of the oldest houses in the village) and Castel, former home of the celebrated local artist, Gaston Vuillier.

From the centre of the village, you can access the Pont du Péage, which at one time was the only access into the village. At the bottom of the hill, you will find access to the short walk down quite a steep slope to the most famous sight here – the spectacular trio of waterfalls (Saut, Redole and Queue-de-Cheval) nestled within the most picturesque setting.

House prices here average €1235 per m².

All in all, you won’t regret discovering the Corrèze. The tranquil countryside is juxtaposed with the life and vitality of these towns and villages. This, with the wealth of history against the stunning natural surroundings, makes it a perfect place to visit and possibly even settle in forever.

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