Written by Roseanne Bradley,
25th January 2023

Have you ever heard of Occitanie? It’s the southernmost administrative region in France which spans all the way from the former region of Languedoc-Roussillon to the Midi-Pyrénées.

The region itself is absolutely huge, spanning 72,724m². In fact, it’s bigger than the Netherlands and Belgium combined!

Home to some of the largest communes in France, Occitanie has so much to offer. To help you discover the region and its many qualities, we’ve created a guide to the four corners of Occitanie.

Valentre bridge in Cahors, Lot

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Named after the river Lot, or la rivière Lot if we’re in France, Lot is a beautiful department in the south of France. The prefecture of Lot is Cahors, a medieval town internationally renowned for the production of Cahors wine.

Cahors is the most populous commune in Lot, with almost 20,000 inhabitants. The commune is surrounded by steep limestone hills and is home to great monuments. The Valentré Bridge is the symbol of the town and actually has a devilish legend to go with it. It has a thought-out plot and lots of complex characters that I’m sure any local cadurcienne will be willing to share with you.

The rich history of Cahors is something that the town shares with Lot, the region has lots of hilltop villages with exquisite views, roman dwellings and historical intrigue.

Property in Lot is typically traditional to rural France. Most homes are detached, are oozing with character and make a charming addition to any property portfolio.

Browse homes in Lot on our property portal. We have village homes from €99,000 and (for those whose purse strings stretch slightly further) country homes with their own vineyards for upwards of 1 million euros.

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Auch cityscape on Gers river with Sainte-Marie Cathedral and Tour d Armagnac on sunny summer day, France


Few people have heard of Gers in the south of France, making me think it’s a well-kept secret. Famed for its rolling hills, green valleys and the Gers and Garonne rivers, it’s a rural paradise. Nestled between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, The Gers has a beautiful warm climate, without the winds often associated with coastal towns.

Gers is home to Auch, a small-but-modern city with architectural wonders to discover. There’s the Renaissance Saint-Marie Cathedral, the Bishops Palace and la Tour d’Armagnac which are all local attractions deep-rooted in the town’s history.

Gers is known for its production of palatable wines such as St.Mont and Le Charme Christine Cabri – how would you fancy having a vineyard on your doorstep?

If you’re no wine connoisseur, discover Gers’ county of Armagnac, renowned worldwide for Armagnac brandy and fois gras.

Property in the Gers would suit someone who has lived in a somewhat rural setting before. You’re not isolated in Gers, but the corner shop might be a short drive or bike away. Perfect for those who like their privacy, Gers homes are often detached with their own land.

Our property portal has homes from €180,00. Why not browse Gers today? Or for advice on booking a viewing trip to France, download our FREE viewing trip guide.

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Aerial view of Carcassonne, a fortified city in the department of Aude


Sitting on the Mediterranean coast in southern France, Aude is a lovely place to live. The heart of Aude, or the prefecture, lies in Carcassonne, a fortified town on a hilltop famed for its medieval citadel. Some buildings in Carcassonne date back to the 12th century, including the castle and inner ramparts.

Due to its coastal location, Carcassonne enjoys over 500 more hours of sunshine per year than Paris, often accompanied by wind. The summers are often hot and dry, while autumns are characterised by short stormy spells.

Narbonne is the most populous town in Aude with over 55,000 residents. It’s just 9 miles from the shores of the Med, and the Gare de Narbonne offers citizens direct connections with Paris, Toulouse, Marseille and even Barcelona.

Aude is an extremely varied place to live in Occitanie. Homes in Aude on our property portal range from €99,000 to over €2 million – there’s truly something for ever budget.

There are private homes, on the edge of lively villages. Properties in the centre of bustling towns, and villas on the outskirts with lots of land and additional features.

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Aerial view of the old town center of Séte, Hérault

Gard and the Hérault

For our final corner of Occitanie, I’ve partnered Gard and Hérault, the two most easterly communes in the region.

Gard borders Marseille on the south coast of France. It’s full of rural landscapes and beautiful country resorts, perfect for those at home in nature. If you’re after a country home in France, Gard is a wonderful place to look. Homes there are typically more expensive than the rest of the region but the slightly higher price point pays off in quality.

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On the other hand, there’s a real bargain to be found in the Hérault, France. With Mediterranean shores and cosmopolitan cities, the department has so much to offer. Montpelier is the most famous town in the Hérault, home to the Musée Fabre art museum and a 14th century cathedral, it’s visited by more than 30 million tourists each year.

If you’re more at home by the sea, the neighbouring port city of Sète on the south coast could be for you. It’s sometimes referred to as the Venice of Languedoc (its former department). Discover Sète for golden sands and a tranquil lifestyle with excellent seafood options.

Property in the Hérault is much more affordable compared to Gard. We have a wide variety of properties on Your Overseas Home for as little as €60,000. Granted they might need a bit of TLC, but that’s a great price if you’re willing to put in a bit of hard word to get it up to scratch.

Properties are typically village homes, charming stone homes on the outskirts of villages or spacious manors and villas with private land and pools (if you have a bigger budget).

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