Written by Beth Nicholson,
25th April 2022

With the buying process taking up to three months, you should start now if you want to buy a property in France by summer. It will be worth it…

Outdoor living embodies the essence of life in France. While during winter houses may appear locked down, with little sign of life, when the sun comes out life well and truly starts here. So, what better time than now to start looking?

Summer anywhere lifts the spirits. Longer days, warmer temperatures, a chance to maximise all the opportunities of an outdoor lifestyle. Nowhere is that sentiment more embraced than in France. This is when you see people out and about, making the most of this beautiful time of year.

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So, if you’re planning on making a fresh start in France but are being a little slow on the uptake, here are my top seven reasons for buying a property in France by summer.


When embarking on your property search, there’s no better time to start than the present. It generaly takes two to three months to complete on a property here, so don’t hang about!

While property sells all year round, France in summer is the perfect time to move in. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the time and the climate to get everything as picture perfect as you imagined.

With the sun shining and the garden bursting with colour, properties at this time of year are more likely to match the dream in your mind’s eye. Also, you can spend most of your day outside, tackling that garden whilst sunbathing at the same time.


While weather is clearly improved everywhere this time of year, it’s true that nothing can be guaranteed. But with those extra hours of daylight, coupled with the climate here, it’s certainly a more sure fire bet.

Some areas of France in summer can, of course, get too much for some, but then the early mornings come into their own, and evenings are perfect. With great weather comes additional work too, if you can call it that. Daily watering and non-stop mowing. But then you need something to counteract the pastries, wine and cheese you will undoubtedly consume.

Seeing the reward of your efforts makes it all worth while. With the improvement in weather comes a natural lift in mood and attitude making everyone want to make the most of their days during this time.

Dining Alfresco

The longer days and sunshine actively encourages one of life’s greatest pleasures, for which France in summer is renowned – dining “al fresco”. It’s a chance to catch up with friends and family, share memories, create new ones and all to the accompaniment of good quality, fresh produce and of course, wine.

Entertaining al fresco

Never rushed, these long leisurely evenings starting with apéros, leading into dinner and creating a near on full ceremony most days.  Indeed, it’s a ceremony you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you become accustomed!


For delicious consumption at those fantastically long drawn out soirees, seasonal and fresh produce features heavily at the heart. Whilst markets are a year round routine, come France in summer, those markets truly bustle with new energy, colours, textures and fragrances of all kinds.

Seasonal produce is absolutely the focus here, and summer tends to offer the greatest breath of choice. Alongside the standard vegetable, cheese and charcuterie market offerings, night markets are very much worth seeking out in France in summer. Often selling meat and other fresh produce which can be cooked for you on site to enjoy immediately with friends, both existing or of the future. Consider it three tasks  in one; shopping, cooking and, most importantly, eating and socialising with friends and family.


It is no surprise that so many famous artists both originated in and chose France as a base for their life’s work inspiration. The changing vistas over France in summer are akin to a daily private viewing in your own gallery. Even a simple stroll around your garden illustrates the wonder of day-to-day changes, with new arrivals to marvel at. The vibrant yellows of the daffodils heralding the official arrival of spring, followed by the purples of the bluebells, lilacs and irises, and then all the pinks.

A picnic in Provence

In the surrounding fields, the ever changing landscape is something that you will never tire of. From poppies as far as the eye can see, to the fields upon fields of sunflowers or magnificent purple lavender stretching for what seems like miles. Nature truly showcases itself here, within its natural habitat in all its magnificent glory.

Village events

France in summer is when village life really revs up! From hearing the constant hum in the air of families and friends eating together outside, to more organised village events by the local “comité de fetes”. Doors and windows, as well as hearts and minds are open during this time.

Many villages have scheduled events throughout the summer. From Brocantes, to group meals in the squares of towns and villages and celebrations of both music and the arts. Not forgetting of course the grander scale festivities of 14th July, Bastille Day.


Due to the diversity of terrain from region to region, the unpopulated land area and the climate, there is no better place than France to enjoy the great outdoors. Why not try those activities you never had time (or weather) for at home?

Waterside venues offer a range of activities, including kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, or simply messing about on the river. Walkers and ramblers can walk for miles completely uninterrupted, often directly from their own doorstep. Whether that be along trails, quiet country roads, footpaths or through fields and vineyards. Horse riding offers you all the views without the strenuous effort.

Surfing and paddle-boarding in Hendaye (AssiaPix / Shutterstock.com)

If you love nature, there is no better place to be than France in summer. Although do always prepare yourself adequately with water as often, the temperatures can be high enough to really feel any real exertion fairly quickly.

Whilst holidays in France offer the same opportunities, the advantage of becoming a homeowner in France in summer is that you won’t have to leave just when you’re really starting to really enjoy yourself! So enjoy, and as the French love to say “Profitez!”

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