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If you’re buying a house in Cyprus, you’ll need to keep up with the latest developments in the market. Our coverage includes everything that buyers need to know, including forecasts, new regulations, and the hottest trends.

My top 5 reasons why I love life in Cyprus

I remember thinking on one rainy, windy day in England back in 1994, what must life in Cyprus be like? I hadn’t even visited it on holiday. All I knew about it was that the island is divided and its inhabitants in the south, where I was destined to go, are Greek Cypriots. Oh yes, and I had a look at a map of Cyprus and I remember thinking it looked something like a violin!

Top ten things to know if you’re buying a home in Cyprus in autumn

As summer comes to an anticlimactic, grey and drizzly finish in the UK, there’s still a beacon of good news on the horizon. We’re coming up to one of the peak buying seasons in Cyprus – so many of us will finally be realising our dreams of starting a new life overseas. If you’re buying a home in Cyprus in autumn this year, it’s crucial to be up-to-date on the situation on the ground. It can be difficult to make sense of everything from collating different media sources, which is why we’ve put together this list. Keep reading for your round-up of the top ten things

How to obtain residency in Cyprus

If you want to move permanently to Cyprus, the Brexit transition ends in just five months. Although much remains unclear about our future relationship, who would want to risk missing out on the island’s amazing weather, landscape and lifestyle? To protect your right to work, to an upgraded pension each year and subsidised healthcare, you should obtain residency in Cyprus before 2021. Here is how.

How to move your pet to Cyprus with you

We’re a nation obsessed with our furry friends. There are as many pets as people in the UK – an estimated 65 million – and almost every other household in the country is believed to have one. If your pet is like a member of the family, you’ll want to take it with you to Cyprus when you make the move here. Thankfully, it’s now relatively easy and inexpensive to move to the EU with your pet.

Things to do during a Cypriot summer

How will you spend your first summer as a property owner in Cyprus? One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to be outdoors. The sun’s out, temperatures are soaring and the jacaranda is in bloom. Let’s take a look at some of the events that you could be enjoying this year from the comfort of your own property in Cyprus! 

How to make a success of moving to Cyprus

Six months on from arriving here, these are my top tips for making a success of moving to Cyprus. Not, I hasten to add, that I have fully implemented all of these! If I had to sum it up though, this is the life for those who want to be a hands-on manager of their own lives. 

Spring brings good news in Cyprus

These are exciting times for Cyprus. The island’s rejuvenation continues into the spring of 2018 with good news on the economic and homes fronts. Property news in Cyprus includes exciting new waterfront developments. One potential new arrival, however, is making the locals distinctly nervous!

A Mediterranean spring in Cyprus

It’s easy to see why spring is a great time to take a viewing trip to Cyprus, and an even better time to live here once you’ve purchased your dream home: temperatures increase, nature awakens from its winter slumber and the island remains relatively sedate before the buzz of summer. Here’s a list of spring activities Cyprus style:

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