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Five Wonderful Things About Living in Portugal

While no country is a utopia, living in Portugal comes quite close! Our writer in Portugal would like to offer five great reasons to join him When I first moved to Portugal, I had a clear idea in my mind of what things would be like. As with so many events in life, nothing turns out exactly as predicted, but the fact remains that there are many factors that make a life in Portugal a very pleasurable one. Here are five things that really stand out in my mind:

What will it pay to bring with you to Portugal?

Portugal is a relatively cheap place to live – but not for everything. So what should you be squeezing into your luggage? And how do you bag a bargain?   Portugal is a rather cheap place to live, by European standards. A recent Expatistan study, comparing living costs in 80 European cites, found Lisbon, Porto and Faro all comfortably located in the bottom half of the rankings.

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