Written by Erin Harding,
22nd March 2022

A scheme in France that provides French property owners with financial aid has been extended. But what do the grants cover and how much could you receive?

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Grants of up to €9,000

The MaPrimeRenov’ initiative is designed to support those who wish to update their home with things like heating, insulation, ventilation and more. Part of this scheme allows homeowners to replace oil and gas boilers with environmentally friendly alternatives and the amount that can be received for this is set to increase.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced last week that the amount property owners can receive to help with replacing boilers will increase from April 15. Depending on your situation, you could receive up to €9,000.

Who can benefit from the grants?

The grants for new boilers can be accessed through the MaPrimeRenov’ scheme. This scheme is available to any property owner in France who has a numéro fiscal (tax number), a copy of their latest tax declaration and a property that is more than two years old.

The amount you are eligible to receive depends on a number of factors, including income, number of people in the household, property location and more.

Why has the government increased these grants?

Encouraging homeowners to replace their boilers with eco-friendly alternatives will contribute towards France cutting down on its greenhouse gas emissions. The overall MaPrimeRenov’ scheme is also designed to boost the economy and create energy-efficient homes in France.

As well as this, it’s no coincidence that this extension to the grant has come at a time when France is striving to protect its economy from the effects of the Ukraine war. France is aiming to end its dependency on Russian energy by 2027 and this scheme should mean that there is less reliance on Russian gas.

How else is France becoming more energy efficient?

President Macron announced that six or more nuclear reactors will be built by 2050 and argues that nuclear energy is required if France is heading towards a low-carbon future. This comes following the EU’s decision to class nuclear power and natural gas as ‘green’ energy, despite disagreements about if these should be considered sustainable sources.

From April 2022, France is also banning short flights to anywhere that can be reached by 2.5 hours or less by train. This includes routes from Paris to popular destinations such as Bordeaux and Lyon, however, there is an exception for flights that connect with international flights.

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