Gardening under the Greek sun

If you’re an avid gardener with designs on moving to Greece there are some important things to consider before you start brandishing your trowel.

Living in rural Spain

If you dream of living in the countryside, Spain has a wealth of rural options to satisfy your quest for peace and nature, and at a much cheaper price than the UK equivalent.

Grape expectations – buying a vineyard

Imagine owning a country house in Italy with your own vineyard, sitting on your terrace, overlooking your own fields, with a glass of your own wine. You could be, explains our writer in Italy.  

France heads the way when it comes to keeping the environment green

France Property Guides brings you details of the warmly received new law banning plastic cups, plates and cutlery France may lag behind the UK in terms of technical innovation, interest in home renovation, and DIY and building material supplies, but environmentally the country is most certainly ahead of the game.