Spotlight on the South: The rich and exciting history of the Cathars

When driving around the winding mountain roads and rugged countryside of the Languedoc Roussillon, you cannot help but notice the extraordinary ruined monument, built by the Cathars The Cathars were followers of a rival church in early medieval times, who dismissed the riches and ceremony of the Catholic church in favour of purity and equality. Catholics at the time named the Cathars as nothing short of heretics.
Ensure that you’re ready for an ‘IN’ vote!

Ensure that you’re ready for an ‘IN’ vote!

The upcoming EU Referendum has dominated the news for the first half of 2016, and has of course been a particular concern for those of you considering purchasing property in Europe. While many people have held off on making plans until a decision has been made, the polls now suggest that the Remain campaign has the lead, with even those who have been vocally supporting the idea of a ‘Brexit’ now pledging support to the staying in the EU – such as older voters and Conservative voters.

Spain’s four main political parties cannot agree on who should lead the next government.

There is no denying it – Spanish politics is in a mess. Back in December, the General Election results produced no clear winner, though the then-ruling party, the PP (Partido Popular) won the most seats. The leader and then Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, failed to form a government after much negotiation with the three other parties who had also secured seats. Spain’s King, Felipe VI, then invited Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the PSOE (El Partido Socialista Obrero Español) to form a government as they had the second largest number of seats.