Discover authentic Spain in Axarquía

Looking for a corner of southern Spain that’s more authentic and less developed than the main stretch of the Costa del Sol, but with equally good beaches and pretty scenery? The answer could be Axarquía.

How To Register Your Car In Italy

Many expats choose to buy property in the Italian countryside, which makes having use of a car a necessity. If you’re going to use a car, you’ll need to know how to register your car in Italy first.

The USA property market’s on the rise – so now’s the time to buy

The US economy grew by 4.1% in the last quarter – and that growth is reflected in house prices. The latest figures from the Federal Housing Finance Agency show a definite upward trend. For international buyers looking to purchase USA property, this means now is the time to act – before prices rise higher. However, the US is a huge country, so these figures aren’t reflected everywhere. We look at what’s happening in the most popular US expat regions, including where you could find a bargain.

Property in Spain recovers as prices rise

With Spain’s economy continuing to improve, the market for property in Spain is recovering well. However, prices have not yet reached the pre-crisis level of 2007. Figures for the 2nd quarter of 2018 are very encouraging and it seems the British have not been put off by Brexit. In fact, they are still buying more property in Spain than other nationality.

Where are the hotspots for property in Italy?

Owning a property in Italy is a dream for many of us, whether it’s a rural Tuscan farmhouse or a historic apartment in the centre of Rome or Florence. The Italian real estate market is still looking accessible to buyers, but prices are slowly rising – so now is a great time to purchase.

Where to purchase property in Australia?

Australia’s been known as an expensive location for real estate. However, the good news in 2018 for international buyers is that prices are getting slightly lower in many regions. In this property update, we have a look at where the property hotspots for you are and what you can expect if you’re hoping to purchase property in Australia.