Richard Way

Richard Way has been an influential and independent voice on all aspects of buying overseas property for over 15 years. He was editor of A Place In The Sun magazine, has edited books on buying in Spain, is a regular on the panel at Your Overseas Home, has appeared on the BBC and helped the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on expat matters. Richard is a property owner on the Costa Brava, Spain, and in Puglia.

Articles by Richard Way

How to enjoy your holiday home, year in, year out

How to enjoy your holiday home, year in, year out

There’s just a week to go before the family and I fly out for a fortnight at our pad in the Costa Brava. As you can imagine, the excitement is building chez Way. But people do ask whether we wouldn’t be happier trying something new each summer. So I’ve done some brainstorming with the wife and kids (aged 11, eight and five) to find out what we all especially look forward to when we’re at our holiday home. As you’ll see, often it’s the simplest things that bring the most pleasure.

Four top wild swimming destinations in France

Struggling to keep cool in this year’s heatwave? In France, you’re never far from a freshwater lake or river that’s suitable for bathing – something worth thinking about when you’re property hunting and don’t intend to have your own pool. Here are four popular wild swimming destinations, with some properties near water for sale…

Join the celebrities in Sant Martí d’Empúries

It’s more than 30 years since I first discovered my resort near Girona in the Costa Brava, but I still get tingles of excitement each time I return. I wonder if the celebrities who made a surprise appearance for a wedding there last week will feel the same.
Ready to buy? Calming those last-minute jitters!

Ready to buy? Calming those last-minute jitters!

Are you on the verge of buying a property abroad for the first time and are unsure what to expect? Maybe a little worried? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal! To help you prepare, here are five of the most common panics that new buyers encounter at the last minute. 

Spanish off-plan homes safer than ever

There is a familiar buzzword on the Spanish costas again. “Off-plan”. My recent conversations with Spanish estate agents, as well as the evidence from property shows, reveal that buyers are once again willing to choose a property before a brick has been laid. For bargain hunters, it’s time to look at Spanish off-plan homes again.