Richard Way

Richard Way has been an influential and independent voice on all aspects of buying overseas property for over 15 years. He was editor of A Place In The Sun magazine, has edited books on buying in Spain, is a regular on the panel at Your Overseas Home, has appeared on the BBC and helped the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on expat matters. Richard is a property owner on the Costa Brava, Spain, and in Puglia.

Articles by Richard Way

As tourists leave, property buyers head to Spain

The summer holiday season is over in Spain, with resorts and tourist spots winding down for the quieter months of the year. For property-hunters though, autumn is the time to spring into action. That means booking a viewing trip and taking the next vital steps towards buying your new home abroad.

Easily accessible holiday homes in France

For British homeowners, picturesque and affordable Normandy has the added bonus of being easily accessible by car, either via the ferry or Eurotunnel. In some cases, a train from London or a short flight might also be a feasible option. Here’s a quick guide to the best areas for easily accessible holiday homes in France.
Where are the celebrities buying this summer?

Where are the celebrities buying this summer?

Where are the celebrities buying overseas homes this summer? Portugal seems to be the top choice, but Spain has its fans. While one Brit doesn’t care where he goes so long as it’s not Britain, another is seeking a new lease of life in the Algarve sunshine.
How to enjoy your holiday home, year in, year out

How to enjoy your holiday home, year in, year out

There’s just a week to go before the family and I fly out for a fortnight at our pad in the Costa Brava. As you can imagine, the excitement is building chez Way. But people do ask whether we wouldn’t be happier trying something new each summer. So I’ve done some brainstorming with the wife and kids (aged 11, eight and five) to find out what we all especially look forward to when we’re at our holiday home. As you’ll see, often it’s the simplest things that bring the most pleasure.

Four top wild swimming destinations in France

Struggling to keep cool in this year’s heatwave? In France, you’re never far from a freshwater lake or river that’s suitable for bathing – something worth thinking about when you’re property hunting and don’t intend to have your own pool. Here are four popular wild swimming destinations, with some properties near water for sale…