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Property in Tuscany is always a popular choice with international home hunters in Italy. But given that Tuscany is the size of Wales, with widely varying geography, accessibility and property prices, where should you start your search? We analyse the appeal, and property prices, of Lucca, Pisa, Grosseto, Florence and Arezzo.

Here we take a deep dive into five of Tuscany’s provinces, from Grosseto in southern Tuscany to Arezzo in the east and Lucca, further north.

Which province catches your eye?

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Lucca is on the coast and, although one of the smaller provinces, boasts attractive landscapes from the mountains to the sea via wooded hills.  With the nickname, “town of a hundred churches”, Lucca is just bursting with fascinating history and culture. In a town full of so much religious architecture, the most eye-catching of them all has got to be the Cathedral of San Martino, known its impressive Romanesque architecture. Believe it or not, its grand piazza is actually built on the bones of an ancient Roman ampitheatre.

A walk on top of the walls in Lucca

Outside of the city, Luca is dotted with villages and small towns that are full of history and character. For example, Montecarlo (no, not Monaco’s) is a historic village that still possesses its defensive walls from Medieval times. So, if you’re looking to enjoy rural Italy, Lucca is a great place to find your dream home. There are villages with properties at all prices from as little as €35,000 if you’re willing to redecorate.

If you’d like a traditional Tuscan home that’s close to amenities and near the city, excellent properties are available from €250,000. Like anywhere, you can pay millions for a family villa in Lucca, but a budget of €500,000 will get you a period cottage with original features, or a luxurious apartment in the city itself.

This gorgeous Lucca farmhouse is on the market for €550,000 and is made up of two buildings, which would easily be let out for a little extra income. Why not browse properties in Lucca, Italy today?

€550,000. Casa Geppetto, home for sale in Lucca, Tuscany (click image for details)


Grosseto is on the west coast of Italy and the southern end of Tuscany. Home to over 220,000 people, the province of Grosseto is one of the least dense areas in Italy by population, so if it’s peace and quiet you’re after, look no further.

Pitigliano, Grosetto

Grosseto has some notable architecture of neo-Romanesque-Gothic design. In the heart of the city you’ll find Dante Alighieri piazza, a mock medieval square and home to the Cathedral of San Lorenxo. Perfect for a stroll, bite to eat or browse of the shops, the piazza is a beauty to behold.

Maremma in Grosseto is well known for its city walls. They were rebuilt in the 16th century by the Medici and are still in great condition today.

Despite this, Grosseto often gets overshadowed by its big brothers, Florence and Pisa, so you’ll be safer from big influxes of tourists.

Luckily, Grosseto has its own airport, just 3km west of the city centre. Additionally, the province is well connected to most of Italy, with frequent trains to Rome, Pisa and Livorno.

Properties in Grosseto are typically divided into two categories. New builds and country homes. The new-build properties are designed with buyers in mind so often are close to essential amenities and overlook the coast. While country homes tend to come with a much higher price tag, and can offer total privacy, luxury interiors and stunning views.

This home is a great example of a beautiful Grosetto property. It’s within a residential complex in Porto Santo Stefano and boasts excellent views of the ports and city fortress. This residence is on the market for €465,000 and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus, access to a shared pool, tennis courts and on-site club house.

What a view! For €465,000 in Monte Argentario, Grosseto


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Florence is the capital of Tuscany and home to many of Italy’s most-famous art and architecture. Here you’ll find the Uffizi gallery, the Palazzo Pitti and Giotto’s bell tower. Yet the city is certainly not like a museum itself; it is vibrating with life, forward thinking and with so much to do.

Beautiful Florence is a sight to behold

You will know that Florence attracts tourists by the million, with so much to see, do and visit. But what’s it like to live in Florence? Well, there are two sides to Florence – the busy city with lots of tourists and the outskirts, where tourism is less infringing.

There are some beautiful neighbourhoods in Florence. San Frediano, San Marco and the Duomo are all popular with expats and creatives as they are typically less busy, but still have great connections and a feel of being “in” the city.

Capraia e Limite, Florence home for sale

There are lots of charming farmhouses in Florence. Not all are as pricey as this, with alternatives on the market from €300,000 and smaller properties (village homes and chalets) available for under €250,000.

For example, this gorgeous stone farmhouse has spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside and while still very central to Florence, has a real “country” feel. On the property you have 87 olive trees, a beautiful porch and a separate building. Inside this home sleeps five and boasts six bathrooms. View more images of this beautiful home here.

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Arezzo lies on the eastern side of Tuscany and just a two-hour drive from the Adriatic coast. The province of Arezzo is popular with homebuyers seeking a stone house in the hills with beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside.

Interested in Arezzo in Tuscany?

Cortona is a small town in Arezzo that’s super charming. It’s a typical Italian town, with small piazzas, local festivals, artisan shops and remnants of medieval architecture.

In Arezzo, Italian history isn’t just present in the architecture. Every year, they hold Giostra del Saracino, a knightly tournament that dates back to Medieval times. Let’s go watch the knights!

Moreover, apartments are available in Arezzo for as little as €150,000 or less and there are huge amount of farmhouses waiting to be renovated by someone willing to give them a little TLC.

Learn more about renovating old properties in Italy here

However, if you are looking for a stunning stone house in the Tuscan hills, there is a market for you. This beautiful home is just outside Cortona and is absolutely huge. With four bedrooms and bathrooms, this hillside home overlooks the Val di Chiana valley and has views of Monte Amiata, the tallest mountain in Tuscany. It could be yours. Click here to view more, or browse other properties in Arezzo on Your Overseas Home.

€590,000, for sale in Cortona, Arezzo. Click the image for more details.


Pisa is a province that too many people simply drive through on their way from the airport, albeit with a quick stop to view the famous leaning tower. When you consder that they strated building it in 1172, you can see how special it is.

However, there is a lot more to the province. It has a stretch of coastline that includes long beaches, for example at Marina di Pisa. There are lovely villages inland, such as Casciana Terme Lari, which is quite a mouthful but worth it! While much of Pisa is flat, there are mountains in the north stretching to almost 1,000 metres.

Transport links are excellent to and around Pisa, both nationally and internationally, including the airport. The drive to Florence takes around 90 minutes.

Pisa (lkonya via Shutterstock)

Village apartments in Pisa tend to come with a slightly smaller price tag than the neighbouring province of Florence. We have a selection of two-to-three bedroom apartments on our Italy Property Portal from €250,000.

If a country home is more your style, Pisa has you covered. Take this home for example. Located in a small hamlet in Partino, this charming country home has a beautiful private garden and is surrounded by lush greenery. There’s even room to install a pool should you fancy it, and it’s within walking distance of a hamlet.

Finally, if this home isn’t to your liking or has already be snatched up, browse homes in Pisa here.

€335,000, spacious country walking distance from a village

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