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The coast of Tuscany offers hill top views, glistening blue waters, and sandy beaches to explore. You will find glamorous towns and quaint seaside villages, as well as natural and rugged scenery.

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Fresh sea air, and countryside walks are just what everyone needs right now. The region of Tuscany is good for your heath  because it has so much to offer for a healthy lifestyle and relaxing holidays in the great outdoors. Plus, a trip to the seaside always makes you feel good.

If you discover that your ideal seaside location is above your budget, don’t worry. Many seaside villages have small penthouse apartments for sale, for that cheap holiday home getaway. Also, if you travel inland a little, you will find you can get even more house for your money, and countryside tourism in Tuscany is still very popular.

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Getting to the seaside villages

At the top end of the Tuscan coast, the nearest airport is Pisa. However, villages down in the Grosseto province may be nearer to Rome Fiumicino airport or even Perugia. Additionally, there are good roads that follow the coast all the way down.

Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia is located in the Grosseto area called Maremma. This ancient fishing village comes alive in the summer with many cafes, restaurants and “gelaterie”. There is an upper and lower town which are connected by steps. The old city walls are entered through three stone gateways. The lower town has rocky and sandy beaches and a pier for romantic evening strolls.

Castiglione della Pescaia

One of the finest beaches in the Maremma is at nearby Rocchette, which has a beautiful view of Forte delle Rocchette on the rocky promontory. There are several privately owned castles in the area.

Population: 7,287

Province: Grosseto

Property guide price: 2-bedroom holiday apartment €240,000, 2-bedroom house €400,000.

Pisa airport: 1 hr 42mins drive

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Forte dei Marmi

If you’d love a glitzy seaside village for your holiday home, take a look at Forte dei Marmi. This large seaside village attracts people from Milan, Florence, and all over Europe. Many people are attracted to its elegant villas, fortress, beautiful beach, luxury shopping, and smart bars and restaurants. In contrast, the surrounded area is made up of pine forest, with the town boasting  an impressive view over the Apuan Alps.

Population: 7,113 (3x more in summer)

Province: Lucca

Property guide price: 2-bedroom apartment €498,000, 2-bedroom house €780,000.

Pisa airport: 30 minutes drive

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Castiglioncello stands on a promontory overlooking the Ligurian Sea. It’s known for, its beautiful pine forest, Medici watch tower and the park around Pasquini castle. Summer evenings can be enjoyed at street cafes, restaurants and at numerous events, including dance performances. The coastline has cliffs, sheltered bays, sandy beaches, and coves. There is also a beautiful coastal walk to Rosignano Solvay.

villages in Tuscany


Population: 3,800

Province: Livorno

Property price guide: 2-bedroom apartments from €125,000, 2-bedroom house with pool €340,000

Pisa airport: 42 minutes drive

San Vincenzo

On the stretch of coast known as ‘Costa degli Etruschi’ (Etruscan Coast), San Vincenzo offers beautiful long sandy beaches and water sports. Some beaches are in town and others are backed by woods. Also, there is a lovely seafront promenade and harbour with ferries and boat moorings. Furthermore, a short boat ride from this seaside village is the pretty island of Elba.

Population: 6,687

Province: Livorno

Property guide price: 2-bedroom apartments from €180,000, 2-bedroom house €370,000

Pisa airport: 56 minutes drive

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Campiglia Marittima

Less than 10km from the Etruscan coast, Campiglia Marittima is perched on a hill with panoramic views of the sea and countryside. The castle walls still surround the historic centre and have three gateways. It features a medieval castle, narrow streets, a piazza, small shops and friendly locals. The town is alive all year round. Attractions in the area include a hot spring “Terme del Calidario” and an archaeological mining park.

villages in Tuscany

Street in Campiglia Marittima

Population: 12,789

Province: Livorno

Property Guide price: 2-bedroom apartment from €128,000, 2-bedroom house from €218,000

Pisa airport : 1 hour drive



Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is an attractive fishing village, popular for summer holidays since the time of Imperial Rome. Located in the heart of Maremma, it is has a great maritime tradition and is popular for sailing and pleasure boating. In addition, it’s position on a promontory, gives the feeling of being on an island. The bay is dominated by the majestic Spanish Fortress from the 17th century and boasts mild year round temperatures.

villages in Tuscany

Porto Santo Stefano

Population: 8,810

Province: Grosseto

Property guide price: 2-bedroom apartment from €255,000, 2-bedroom house €320,000

Pisa airport: 1 hr 46mins drive


This quaint medieval village is located near the border, where Tuscany meets the Lazio region. As you approach the village and enter the wooden city gates, you’ll feel like you are going back in time. Furthermore, this charming village rests on a hill encircled by medieval walls, with a tower at the top. With its Romanesque churches, and piazzas, it is a charming place to meander through the old streets. The village itself is not on the sea, but pretty coves and beaches are a short drive away and you will find homes for sale in the countryside near the beaches.


Population: 4,139

Province: Grosseto

Property guide price: 2-bedroom apartment €270,000, 2-bedroom house in the surrounding area €200,000

Pisa airport: 2hr 29mins drive

Roma Fiumicino: 1hr 20mins drive

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