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Last Modified: 2nd September 2021

The important news update is that now travellers from the UK, and many other countries, can visit Italy without self-isolating on arrival. This is the perfect month to go find your Italian home. Vaccine certificates at the ready and you are on your way.

Travel guidance

When travelling from one country to another it’s important to check the travel guidance from both countries, plus any others you may be travelling through. In the first instance, seek travel advice from the government website of your country of residence.

You should also check Italy’s government websites too. You need to know if your country will let you out, if Italy will let you in, and whether testing and quarantining will be necessary. Check frequently, as changes are being made regularly, and they aren’t always updated instantly on the websites.

When looking at the Italian government websites, different entry requirements apply depending what country you are travelling from.

Entry requirements

The Italian website for travel advice is Viaggiare sicuri.

Different entry requirements apply depending what country you are travelling from. Countries are put into “lettered” groups based on their current Covid risk. Look in groups C, D and E, to find out which group your country is in and the current conditions of entry. The United Kingdom, Australia and United States of America are currently in group D.

Travelling around Italy with a “Green Pass”

From 1 September 2021, a “Green Pass” or EU Digital Covid Certificate, or equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian Authorities, is compulsory when boarding:

  • Aeroplanes, ships and ferries for inter-regional transportation;
  • High speed trains (such as Intercity or Frecce);
  • Buses for inter-regional transportation;
  • Chartered buses with a driver.

Currently, according to the Italian Ministry of Health, equivalent certificates for national purposes are those issued by Health Authorities in Canada, Japan, Israel, the UK and US, if they respond to all requirements set forth by the Italian Ministry of Health. Not all equivalent certificates are sufficient to enter Italy without further requirements.

Easy travel checker

To quickly check what group your country is in and the current conditions of entry, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided a simple online questionnaire, which the website has called “Take the Survey”. Available in English it offers information for your specific country of departure.

Can I travel to Italy from the UK?

The latest update on the UK government website announces that:

From 31st August 2021, travellers from the UK can enter Italy without being required to quarantine if they have proof of vaccination and a negative test taken within 48 hours before entering Italy.

If you wish to fly, you must present the airline with a negative COVID-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test taken no more than 48 hours before travel.

Before travel, you must complete an online digital form. This will generate a QR code, which should be presented to your travel provider and Border Police if requested. A paper form can be completed if you do not have an electronic device.

Everyone arriving in Italy must also call the COVID-19 helpline for the region you are travelling within 48 hours of arrival, to inform them of your visit.

Returning to the UK

Italy is currently on the British Amber list. Therefore, British citizens who are double-vaccinated (with their second dose being at least 14 days prior to the date they return to the UK) don’t have to isolate when returning to the UK.

You WILL HOWEVER still need to:

  • declare that you have been fully vaccinated on your passenger locator form
  • show proof of your vaccination status to your carrier (ferry, airline or train) when you travel

If you have not been fully vaccinated when you return to the UK, you MUST:

  • Quarantine for 10 days at home, however, you may be able to end quarantine early if you pay for a private COVID-19 test through the Test to Release scheme on day 5
  • Provide a negative Covid test on arrival in England
  • Have booked and paid for day 2 and day 8 covid test to be taken on your return
  • Complete a passenger locater form before entering England

What is a green pass in Italy?

A Green Pass must show proof of either having received at least one dose of vaccine; or of a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the previous 48 hours; or of having recovered from Covid-19 in the previous 6 months.

However, a certificate proving that you have received only the first dose of a two-dose vaccine will not be enough to enter Italy from abroad. Such a certificate is valid only within Italy.

Go inside with a Green Pass

As of 6 August, 2021, Italian authorities have established the mandatory requirement of a “Green Pass” or EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent* certificate recognized by the Italian Authorities,  for any person aged 12 and above, in Italy, wishing to:

  • access any indoor dining services;
  • take part in public events, including cinemas, theatres and sporting events
  • visit museums and other cultural institutions;
  • attend swimming pools, gyms, Spas, wellness and thermal centres, theme and amusement parks, cultural and leisure centres, casinos, gaming halls;
  • attend exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and congresses

Check the regions too

Before embarking on a trip to Italy, make sure that your Region of destination has no further measures in place. Here you can find the regional websites. Useful contacts phone numbers are available here.

Covid Cases in Italy

In the past 7 days, as of 26 August, Italy has recorded 76 Covid cases per 100,000 people. This is less than the UK (353), France (208), and Greece (213), Portugal (158), Spain (148) Source: Statista.

Italy’s vaccine programme

The Italian vaccination programme is rolling out at great speed, with over 77 million doses administered so far, with everyone over the age of 12 being offered the vaccine. Almost 70% of the population over 12 are now fully vaccinated in Italy. The vaccines being administered are mainly Pfizer and Moderna.

Flying to Italy

Many Italian regions have an international airport, so it is not always necessary to travel via Rome’s ‘Leonardo da Vinci airport (Rome Fiumicino) or even Malpensa airport in Milan. A wide range of flights are usually available from both traditional and low-cost airlines, covering a vast array of destinations.

Most Italian airports are serviced by taxis, buses, trains and car hire companies. As most regions have an airport, it is also possible to catch internal flights between the main cities. Remember to wear your mask in airports and on the plane. Also, respect social distancing and sanitize your hands regularly.

Italy’s track and trace app

The Immuni, app is available to download in English. When health facilities or local health authorities register a new positive case, following the consent of the individuals, the health operators insert a code into the system. At that point, the system sends a notification to the users who have been in close contact with the positive case. They can then isolate themselves to avoid infecting other people.

Can I view and purchase a property?

When in Italy you will have to follow the rules in place in each region. Most places are back to business as usual. Estate agents, property lawyers and notaries are contactable and ready to assist you every step of the way. Finding a good estate agent to guide you through the process is invaluable.

Property Guides can help by putting you in touch with a trusted lawyer for advice about purchasing property.


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