I’ll never tire of the sea views here in Cyprus, whether it’s in the humid heat of summer or a mild winter’s day. And the best thing about Cyprus, as a mountainous island, is there are stunning views to be had even when you go inland. Sunset and sunrise are a sight to behold. So if you’re looking where to buy here, don’t miss my top five sea view villages.

Where can you find the best sea views in Cyprus?

You might think that to get the best sea views in Cyprus you have to live on the coast. I know that’s what I thought when I first came here. But actually that’s not true. You can live in a property located further up from the coast in one of the villages that lie around each of the major towns. And here’s another myth. I always thought that you would live in a village if you wanted mountain views, not sea views. Again, this isn’t correct. Yes, there are many villages where you can live and enjoy the cool mountain air and the smell of the pine trees, and that’s fantastic. But there are also villages where you can get a wonderful sea view and escape the humidity of the long Cyprus summers and the summer tourist hubbub. You will find them mainly around the Paphos area.

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One of my favourite things about living in Cyprus are the sea views.

One of my favourite things about living in Cyprus are the sea views.

Like the mountain villages, these sea view villages are a short distance from the main towns (about 20-30 minutes by car) but they can be reached easily from main roads into the town. Although bus routes do exist, I recommend that you use a car to get into town to do your weekly or monthly shopping or to go on beach trips. Buses and taxi services aren’t so well established outside the main towns. Generally, the villages are self-sufficient. They have their own mini market for food and groceries, often a bakery for bread (although it’s most likely Cyprus breads, which are lovely), church, a fresh fruit and vegetable shop, and of course, a café! And both sunset and sunrise are a sight to behold in these villages.

Here are my top five hill and sea view villages:

1. Pachyammos Village

Pacyammos beach. Irina Papoyan / Shutterstock.com

Pacyammos beach. Irina Papoyan / Shutterstock.com

Lying between Paphos and Nicosia, this is my favourite sea view village, and it is number one of my top five! The landscape here is simply breathtaking. First, the small mountains go down into the ocean bay and then you have Pachyammos Beach immediately below them. From your house in the village you literally look down onto your own private beach! The sunset is fantastic here. Pachyammos village is about 60 km away from Paphos town. Price for a four-bedroom detached house (villa) with pool is currently 400,000 euros and for a three-bedroom apartment it’s about 167,000 euros.

2. Alaminos Village

You will find this village 3km from Larnaca town, and Larnaca Airport is easy to reach. Like Pachyammos, this one is surrounded by cliffs and has its own beach and sea. In case you feel a little isolated, a path leads to the newly emerging tourist area of Aldiana Zypern. The village also has a small harbour and the beach kiosk sells drinks at non-tourist prices. Price for a newly built three-bedroom apartment here is about 340,000 euros and a three-bedroom villa with pool is about 293,000 euros.

3. Peyia Village

Peyia offers beautiful views down to the sea.

Peyia offers beautiful views down to the sea.

Peyia is a large sea view village and it’s about 17 km from Paphos town. You can find all the amenities here like restaurants, a large supermarket, and a fresh fish market too. There are also one or two bars in the village, and many British live here. But there is also the traditional feel to the village. My British friends in Peyia love the mix of modern with traditional in this village. Peyia is positioned on the side of the hill and so the homes have lovely sea views. Prices for a three-bedroom apartment (with pool) here are between 100,000-344,000 euros, and for a three-bedroom villa with pool it’s about 199,000 euros.

4. Pomos Village

A wonderfully peaceful sea view village, Pomos is 56 km from Paphos. I call it the “hanging village” because it literally looks like it’s hanging off the hills. It is very undisturbed and there are fantastic nature trails and hiking activities here. The sea views stretch for miles. The hills break away down into the sea, and pine and fruit trees grow in between them. This area is known for its natural wildlife and sea caves, and it has a small harbour too with traditional Cyprus fishing boats. You can expect a traditional kind of village here, but with all the main amenities. Prices for a three-bedroom apartment are about 287,500 euros and for a four-bedroom villa with pool it’s about 261,000 euros.

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5. Pissouri Village

Old Pissouri's hilltop village and the newer beach resort both have fantastic views.

Old Pissouri’s hilltop village and the newer beach resort both have fantastic views.

Last but not least, Pissouri village is another beautiful location. I am always reminded of a watercolour painting when I visit. The village is positioned high on the cliffs above the sea bay, and it’s 36 km from Limassol. It’s a large village, popular with local and British residents. There’s a range of coffee shops, one or two small supermarkets, bars, and tavernas. There are many activities here too – apart from the beach lining the edge of the bay, there are nature trails, cycling activities, and hikes to keep you active. And don’t forget, like all these sea view villages, the sea provides water sports activities too. Prices for a three-bedroom apartment here are about 145,000 euros and for a three-bedroom villa with pool it’s about 400,000 euros.

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