Written by Christopher Nye,
7th August 2018

We’re a nation obsessed with our furry friends. There are as many pets as people in the UK – an estimated 65 million – and almost every other household in the country is believed to have one. If your pet is like a member of the family, you’ll want to take it with you to Cyprus when you make the move here. Thankfully, it’s now relatively easy and inexpensive to move to the EU with your pet.

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EU Pet Passport

If you’re transporting a dog, cat or ferret to Cyprus (or anywhere else in the EU), they will need a Pet Passport in order to travel. This details all the vaccinations and treatments your pet has received. To receive one you must prove your pet has been microchipped and vaccinated for rabies. Contact your vet to obtain a Pet Passport. If they can’t help they will advise who to contact. Alternatively, contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency for local recommendations.

If you’re transporting a dog, cat or ferret to Cyprus, they will need a Pet Passport in order to travel.

The pet passport will contain details of:

  • Ownership
  • Description of the pet
  • Vaccination against rabies
  • Rabies blood test (if required)
  • Canine tapeworm treatment (if required)


When choosing a pet transport company, take the same approach you would when deciding on a removal firm. Conduct through online research and ask around for recommendations to decide which one best suits your requirements. Most will offer free online quotes. Make sure they’re a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and are recommended by leading airlines.


Your furry friend won’t be going anywhere without a Pet Passport

Local dog registration

As the owner it’s your responsibility to register your dog’s microchip number with the Cyprus Databank. You must also get it licensed at the local Municipality or Community Council office. 

Key facts

  • According to the Cypriot Veterinary Authority, a pet is defined as “an animal which is kept for company and not for commercial use”.
  • Up to five pets can be transported to Cyprus by one person.
  • Pets under three months of age can’t travel to Cyprus.
  • You must inform the Cypriot Veterinary Services Department of your pets arrival at least 48 hours before it’s due to arrive in the country.
  • You must supply them with the date, time, arrival location and number of the flight or ship which will carry your pet.
  • A physical examination of your pet will be carried out by a veterinary or customs officer upon arrival in the country. They will also check all relevant documentation.

Your pet will not be required to spend time in quarantine provided it complies with the following criteria:

  • Has an electronic microchip and a Pet Passport.
  • Had a rabies vaccination at least 21 days and within one year prior to export.
  • Had an antiparasitical treatment within 24- 48 hours before departing the UK.

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