Written by Christopher Nye,
5th October 2017

Retiring to Cyprus won’t just be relaxing; it will be equally as invigorating. Soaking up the sun, enjoying a Mediterranean diet and being more active are just some of the things that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

These days, retirement isn’t seen as the autumn of your years as it once was. More like high summer, a time to run off to the sun without a care in the world, not just for a couple of weeks but for the rest of your life. With the kids all grown up, why not use the pension and savings that you worked so hard to amass to move to Cyprus and enjoy a warmer and more relaxed lifestyle. The benefits don’t stop there. Did you know that retiring to the Mediterranean sun is likely to improve our health and even prolong our life?

Retiring to the Mediterranean sun is likely to improve our health and even prolong our life.

If you’re a bit sceptical, here are five reasons why retiring to the Cypriot sun could make you feel 20 years younger. Plus you know what they say “a change is as good as a rest”.

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Food and drink

Now you’re retired the pace of life slows, meaning you won’t have to rely on a rushed microwave meal after getting home from work at 9pm. There’s no denying that your new Mediterranean diet will be a healthy one: fruit and veg from the market; fresh fish straight off the boat; healthy olive oil and canola oil rather than trans fats; plenty of nuts, beans, whole grains and legumes… Plus a sensible quota of wine of course. Make sure you drive by, rather than “thru”, MacDonald’s and you will benefit greatly from eating the local cuisine.


Mediterranean cuisine: who said eating healthily is boring?



There’s no chance of suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in Cyprus. Just knowing that the sun will be waiting for you when you step out your front door is great for moral. There are physiological as well as psychological benefits of controlled sun exposure: a boost to the immune system, increased production of Vitamin D and a lowering of both cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Outdoors living

A move to Cyprus will mean a life spent outdoors. When you’re not sunbathing or rustling up your latest Mediterranean masterpiece in the kitchen, you might be more inclined to be active now there’s no threat of rain or high winds keeping you indoors. The clear blue skies offer no excuse not to swim in the sea, hit the fairways or play a spot of tennis. Retirees tend to live in coastal resorts close to the amenities, beaches and social clubs. A short journey previously made by car back in the UK becomes an enjoyable stroll in the sun. You’ll be fitter than ever!

Learning a language

You don’t just want to keep your body supple; according to new research by UK neuroscientists, older people who keep their brains agile are more likely to avoid mental decline or dementia. Their advice for achieving this is to learn a new language. Learning the local lingo won’t just improve your health, it will help you to integrate into the local community.

The Cypriot healthcare system recently ranked higher than its British counterpart in a recent global study published by the Lancet medical journal.

Healthcare facilities

The Cypriot healthcare system recently ranked higher than its British counterpart in a recent global study published by the Lancet medical journal, which rated countries in terms of their quality and access to healthcare. Much of Cyprus’s best health services are found in the private sector and if you can afford to access them you should get a high-class service that’s on a par with anywhere in the world.

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