Written by Helen Epaminonda,
Last Modified: 20th May 2021

Hi there! Here’s my latest update on the beautiful country of Cyprus.

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Coming out of lockdown

Well, Cyprus is has come out of its third lockdown! Everywhere is now opening up, so you will be able to go to the cafes and restaurants here once again to relax. It is just outside seating until June, but we’ve got some wonderful temperatures now so eating al fresco will be a breeze!

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Enjoying the Cypriot landscape

As promised in my last article, I want to update you about some wonderful new walks and nature trails I’ve found for you to explore. Walking helps me to relax and it’s actually how I was able to get to know Cyprus. The walking trails are really great because they designed for different fitness levels and show off the wonderful landscape here, along with the unique wild flowers and plants.

You’ll also see the odd wild goat and sheep as well scampering over the mountains – it’s the milk of these goats that goes into our famous haloumi cheese, and sheep’s milk makes our delicious feta cheese that you’ll find sprinkled on your traditional Cyprus salad.

According to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (known locally as the CTO) all of the nature trails are categorised into three degrees of difficulty. These are:

Category 1 – this is easy for you to walk with only a slight slope. Everyone can use these, however fit you are.

Category 2 – average effort is required and you have to be fairly fit for this. It can change quickly from uphill to downhill and the path can be narrow or rough underfoot.

Category 3 – this is difficult. You can have sudden changes – uphill or downhill – and it may be slippery, narrow or steep. You have to have good fitness levels for these, and young children will find it difficult.

My favourite nature trails

Macheras National Forest Park

If you are based in Nicosia, my favourite nature place is Macheras National Forest Park. This has five nature trails within the park itself and they cover 19km of route. One of these trails is especially designed for those in wheelchairs. The trails are well sign-posted and provide useful information about points of interest along the way. Mountain biking takes place here too.

Mountains in Cyprus

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Akamas Forest

Another trail I’ve found is the Akamas Forest. The trail follows the Avgas River and you can walk right through the impressive gorge along the stream, which usually has gentle, flowing water. There are so many unique Cyprus flowers here and they give off a great scent. The trail takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Akmas Forest Trail


Ezousa trail

If you are in Paphos, the Ezousa trail is another great walk. As you can see, this trail is great because it’s soft underfoot and so its kinder to your feet! I like this trail because there are so many wonderful views of the landscape. My favourite one is the Ezousa Valley. You’ll see plenty of very old trees that offer brilliant shade in the summer, and you can take a bike here too.

Ecouza trail

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Kyparissia-Germasogeia Dam

And last, but not least, if you are in Limassol, my favourite trail here is Kyparissia-Germasogeia (pronounced Yamasoya) Dam.

Kyparissia-Germasogeia Dam

So, I hope you can enjoy these four brilliant nature trails! And I’m sure there’s a lot more that I haven’t discovered. Enjoy them!

About The Author

Helen Epaminonda

Helen left the UK to live in Cyprus in 1994. She married her Greek Cypriot husband and moved into the dream house that they had built. She has two children, whom she has raised in Cyprus. She has taught English Language/Literature to Cypriot children/adults, and is currently a freelance editor. She says: “It’s a slower lifestyle than the UK, with the added bonus of feeling safe. Cyprus is steeped in history and culture, and the British are always welcomed here. Cypriots are great people and I have many friends who are British and other nationalities too!”

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