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Last Modified: 2nd October 2020

Cyprus is on the UK’s list of countries with no need to quarantine on your return to the UK. So, what can you expect when you get there and what’s the current situation with buying property? Read your Covid and quarantine update from Cyprus.

Can I travel to Cyprus?

Yes! Cyprus is on the UK’s ‘exempt’ list, which means you can travel to and from the country without any need to quarantine on your return to the UK.

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In terms of entry restrictions in Cyprus, the UK is now in Cyprus’s ‘Category B’. This means that, on arrival, you will need to provide proof of a negative coronavirus test, from within 72 hours of your arrival.

All travellers to Cyprus must complete a Cyprus Flight Pass before travelling, available on the Cyprus Flight Pass website. You will be responsible for ensuring your test result is uploaded to Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours of your departure.

Is it safe to travel there?

Cyprus has been commended for its handling of the pandemic. Their response was swift, with early lockdown and travel restrictions controlling the spread of the infection. The country also has one of the most extensive test and trace programmes in Europe.

Cyprus has recorded 15.6 COVID cases per 100,000 people in the past 7 days, as of October 1. It’s this rate that the UK government uses for its decision on prohibiting non-essential travel and quarantine on return. If any country records over 20 cases per 10,000 people in the past 7 days, the government (in theory) impose quarantine restrictions.

Cyprus is ranked among the safest destinations globally.

Currently, there is no lockdown in Cyprus. However, wearing a mask in any public area is now obligatory, both for staff and the general public, including children over 6 years old. This was due to an increase in COVID-19 cases after tourism started up again.

Due to an increase of infections in the North of Cyprus, face masks must be worn at all times there. In the rest of the country, masks have to be worn in shopping malls, shops, cafeterias and so on, but not in outside areas. All employees working in shops and restaurants etc must wear masks and gloves at all times.

Your arrival in Cyprus

How has the tourist season been in Cyprus this year?

Due to COVID-19, there have been far fewer tourists arriving in Cyprus. It did, however, pick up since the beginning of August, especially since the UK has been allowed to travel there without restrictions.

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Many hotels have opted not to re-open this summer. Those which have re-opened are operating at a reduced capacity.

Can you get flights there easily?

Flights are available from the UK to Cyprus – direct flights are running to both Paphos and Larnaca.

There are daily flights to Cyprus from, more or less, all over the world, as long as the country of departure is in Category A (no COVID tests needed before arrival) or Category B, like the UK (a Covid-19 test has to be done within 72 hours prior to departure with a negative test result).

What about buying a property?

Since the middle of July, the market and overall interest have picked up to more or less a normal standard, with a lot more domestic interest.

Agents report business at about 70% of normal, but with many holiday properties empty, viewing has never been easier or more pleasant.

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Property prices haven’t moved much – in fact, they have stayed pretty level this year. Whilst prices may not have dropped, they have definitely not increased.

Many buyers who were at the early stages of purchasing have cancelled, or those who were actively looking for property to purchase have put things on hold for the time being. However, the could see the full effect of the pandemic could be seen in September/October.

Despite this, property prices in Cyprus have been stable over the last few years and it is still a buyer’s market, with some great opportunities.

Ayia Napa is reinventing itself. kirill_makarov / Shutterstock.com

Ayia Napa. kirill_makarov / Shutterstock.com

Getting residency before the Brexit transition period ends

There has been lots of interest from the UK market, and there have been many enquiries regarding getting residency before the 31 December. There is still time to purchase property in Cyprus and to establish yourself there in order to apply for residency before the deadline.

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Time is, however, running against us. If you are worried about not being able to buy a property before the Brexit transition period ends, renting could be an option. Why not rent a property in Cyprus in order to apply for residency, and then proceed with the purchase of a property at a more relaxed pace?

For further information on getting residency before the end of this year, please visit the gov.uk website.

Your next steps

Why not visit Cyprus for a viewing trip to get your property buying process underway? It’s safe and easy to visit, and the property market is open for business. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t put your dream of buying a property in Cyprus on hold!

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