Rural living Italian style

With eight acres of land to care for, each season nature brings something new and beautiful to discover in the Italian countryside.  

Grape expectations – buying a vineyard

Imagine owning a country house in Italy with your own vineyard, sitting on your terrace, overlooking your own fields, with a glass of your own wine. You could be, explains our writer in Italy.  

House-hunting in France with less than €100,000!

It’s no secret that France has a home to suit every taste and budget. But did you know there are more than 10 French départments (municipalities) where the median price of a home is less than €100,000?  

Lisbon: Europe’s most investor-friendly city?

Confidence in Lisbon as a global investment destination is rising, after reports highlighted both growth and affordability in its property market. Interest from foreign buyers is especially bullish.  

US property market update

West is best for US property owners, as both prices and rental rates shot up from Oregon to San Jose. Overall the country has now seen 48 months of continuous property price rises. Still below the 2007 level, however, there could be plenty more growing to go   Today the USA Property Guide runs through some of the latest news and headlines making waves in the US property market.