The property market in France

Looking at the French property market post-referendum, is it still a buyer’s market, or are things slowly changing? The French property market remains very favourable for the buyer, with prices in most parts of the country still stable. Although some areas, such as Provence, Cote d’Azur, Paris and the Languedoc Roussillon are seeing gradual increases, elsewhere, there has been very little change in prices overall.

Italian property market

We take a look at what Italy has to offer homebuyers, with examples from Lucca in Tuscany.  

More Good News for Portugal’s Healthy Property Market

Once again, figures from Portugal’s property market paint a positive picture for home owners and investors alike.   It seems like an awfully long time since there was any bad news about Portugal’s property market. This feeling is confirmed by figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that show that house prices in the country have now been rising for 19 consecutive months.

The property market as it stands now in France

Looking at the French Property Market post-Brexit. Is it still a buyer’s market or are things slowly changing? France remains right at the top of the most popular countries for overseas buyers to purchase property. We live in what may be described as turbulent times and Brexit came as a shock to many. At this stage no-one knows when or even whether it will be enforced but after the initial knee jerk reaction a few weeks on, signs are that Brexit has not stopped many Brits looking to buy in France despite the pound taking a tumble. Indeed, we have heard many a British voice saying they are more