Six new reasons to invest in France

France looks set to become the next investment hotspot for UK landlords. French homes have been off the agenda for many property investors in recent years, as tax rises and a sluggish economy have combined to keep prices and rental returns down. The evidence is coming from several directions that this may be about to change. Driven by punitive actions by the UK government and a return to French competitiveness, investors are being both pushed and pulled to France.

New Rental Law in Andalusia Comes into Force

The requirement to register apartments rented out to tourists began some four years ago in Catalonia. Now, more and more regions are following this idea and the latest to introduce registration is Andalusia.

April property market update

Latest reports suggest that the current demand for housing in Spain will continue rising by around 10% throughout 2016, stimulating further growth in house prices throughout the year.

April property market update

For the past few years, the French property market has been fairly stagnant, with little to no movement in the average house price. This has not been particularly great for the sellers across the country, but for buyers from overseas, holidaymakers and expats alike, it presented a great opportunity – forming what can only be described as a buyers’ market.

Confidence in French market soars

There has been positive news for the French property market this week, as renewed market stability and improved buyer confidence has helped to entice would-be overseas buyers back to the country.