Spanish taxman’s spy in the sky

The Spanish tax authority’s use of drones and satellites has netted an extra 1.25 billion euros. Now it is extending the programme throughout the whole country and the Balearics. Don’t be caught out, make that declaration! The Spanish tax authority, called the Hacienda, is resorting to hi-tech methods to discover buildings which have not been declared for tax purposes. Since the end of 2014 they have found 1.69 million undeclared or illegal properties and they’re looking for more.

How to be more Italian, in five easy lessons.

When you go to live in Italy you may wonder how you’ll get over the culture shock. Learn these five easy lessons to living like an Italian, however, and you’ll never want to queue, get drunk or wear socks with sandals again  

Our local town Festa

The town Festa plays a big part in Italian communities, bringing people of all ages together to celebrate a colourful tradition.  

The French Alps are not just for winter!

If you’re looking for a holiday home with a bit more va-va-voom, the French Alps are about the most exciting option on the planet for four-season thrill-seeking.  

Your Mini Guide to Spanish Culture and Customs

Shouting at a waiter, paying the bill for everyone, conjuring up a surname, having two breakfasts and avoiding certain Tuesdays are all part of Spanish culture. Learn how to get involved.   Visiting Spain on holiday is one thing, living in Spain is quite another. There are many things you will need to get used to once you move, especially Spanish culture. We take a light-hearted look at some of the differences between the British and Spanish ways of doing things.