House-hunting in France with less than €100,000!

It’s no secret that France has a home to suit every taste and budget. But did you know there are more than 10 French départments (municipalities) where the median price of a home is less than €100,000?  

France heads the way when it comes to keeping the environment green

France Property Guides brings you details of the warmly received new law banning plastic cups, plates and cutlery France may lag behind the UK in terms of technical innovation, interest in home renovation, and DIY and building material supplies, but environmentally the country is most certainly ahead of the game.

Spotlight on Jávea, Costa Blanca

Earlier this month Jávea was in the news for all the wrong reasons as forest fires threatened its outskirts. Sometimes it’s only when it might be lost that we appreciate what we have, so now Javea is safe again, let’s look afresh at the appeal of this fashionable Spanish beach, says Richard Way  

Merger in the south of France dents Catalan pride

A regional renaming in south-east France has put the Catalan nose out of joint. But you can’t keep a Catalan down for long, they’ll probably turn the event into a party. We live close to the Spanish border in an area sometimes known as Catalonia, which straddles both sides of the border. There are around 450,000 French Catalans, largely based around the city of Perpignan which was a strong fortress in medieval times. The Catalans are a proud people, with their own language; a rough mix of French and Spanish.