Enjoying summer with an eye to your wallet

How can you enjoy your summer in Spain without spending a fortune? There are simple ways to save your money which we list below. Summer has arrived in Spain and we usually find we spend more at this time of year. Perhaps you will have a couple of ice creams a day, or will go out to eat more often or visit new places? Snacks on the beach, live music, fiestas all contribute to a larger than normal outlay. We suggest a few ways to save money while still having fun.

How to make your weekly shop in France go further

France Property Guides shows you how to shop well and save money Shopping is somehow different in France: there is less of an idea of doing one weekly shop to stock up on everything and much more of a laid back style, seeking out local markets, local small shops, and in our experience far more emphasis on fresh ingredients grown locally. Although “peel off lids” are around in the larger supermarkets, the average French household cooks from scratch, taking full advantage of the lovely fruits, vegetables and herbs which can be found in every supermarket and outdoor market.

What to do during a short stay in Madrid

Madrid has much more than just wonderful museums and tapas bars. Why not visit its parks or go to a major event in the city?   It is a surprising fact that many expats living in Spain have never been to the capital city, Madrid. Some may have passed through Madrid Barajas airport (a maze not easily negotiated) but there seem to be so many who haven’t actually spent time in this wonderful, cultural world, with plenty of parks and green public areas – and enough museums and exhibitions to keep even the strongest culture vulture busy for some time. This year Madrid also hosts some amazing co