Spain Boosts Airport Security

Acting Minister for State Security has ordered hundreds of plain clothes officers to patrol airports and stations in the wake of the recent attacks in Brussels. The national level of security remains the same. All European countries are reviewing their security in public places, especially at airports and stations and other transport hubs. In the Basque Country and Catalonia the regional police are involved in similar operations while state police are watching perimeters. All over the country, security forces have been instructed to look for anyone acting suspiciously among all passengers, fro

Smoking in Spain declines

With problems in world markets and tougher laws in Spain, a once booming industry says goodbye to its last cigarette production line. Anyone who has seen Bizet’s opera Carmen will remember the wonderful scene where Carmen sings Habanera outside the cigarette factory where she worked in Seville. The date is around 1820 and at the time Spain had numerous factories around the country, producing cigarettes – and these continued to do so until the year 2000 when one of the main producers, Altadis, began closing its factories.

Do the Brits really enjoy their lives in Spain?

A recent survey of Brits living in Spain heralded very interesting results, suggesting that despite the reputation that they rely on speaking English, only eat British food and only socialise with other Brits, most of those who live there enjoy a very British life. The survey asked people to use one word to describe how they felt about living in Spain and the word “happy” was the most used, while “relaxed” and “content” were also popular. When looking further into the lives of the respondents, the survey revealed that over 50% spoke Spanish with the locals and friends, enjoyed Spanish food, ha

Barcelona is officially the city for Vegetarians

A new initiative has introduced Meat-free Mondays and more vegetarianism as a whole into the city of Barcelona, with the support of the local council. The Spanish are meat lovers; there is no doubt about it. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you are traditionally likely to find problems when looking for food you can eat – unless of course, you specifically seek out one of the few vegetarian restaurants available, usually only in the larger towns and cities.

How much would you pay to dine in at home in Spain?

One of the pleasures that living in Spain offers is the chance to eat out regularly at reasonable prices. Whether you go out with friends for tapas or for a menú del día for lunch, you’ll always find good food that doesn’t cost the earth. If you feel like staying in one evening and cooking yourselves a good meal, though, how much will you have to spend?

A Blood Sport or an Art form?

Love it or hate it, bullfighting is deeply imbedded in Spanish culture – although perhaps for not much longer, as the animal rights groups are slowly but surely upsetting this once all pervading so called “sport”.