Should you worry about Trump’s immigration crackdown?

President Trump announced a wholesale reorganisation of America’s immigration system this week. The good news is that it shouldn’t affect most UK buyers. Indeed by encouraging entrepreneurial and skilled worker visas, it could make it easier for British applicants.

How to avoid paying inheritance tax in Cyprus

If there weren’t already enough reasons for spending the rest of your days living in Cyprus, you might be interested to hear that your family won’t pay a cent of inheritance tax on your estate if you can prove the island is your home for life.

Buy before March 2019 to protect residency rights

If you are living in France before the UK formally leaves the EU by March 2019, then your right to live there permanently will be protected. That was the clear message from the EU as it outlined its negotiating position ahead of Brexit talks.

New laws in France from May 2017

With Macron being the youngest President since Napoleon, some people over here have been getting a little nostalgic for France’s better days. One thing we have to thank Napoleon for is its strong regulatory instinct. France is a well regulated country and each month several new laws are passed. Some of these affect those who are considering buying property here.