How to get a French passport

Long-term British residents in France are rushing to get French citizenship ahead of Britain leaving the European Union. But how easy is it?

Le Pen promises to cut inheritance tax

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has promised to cut inheritance tax in France. In a long document outlining 144 actions on her election  (“because God made the world in 144 hours”), the National Front leader makes a clear bid for the votes of the middle class. But what are the rules today?

Tax in France

Our expert Independent Financial Advisor partners in France believe that the tax system is likely to remain very similar to the current structure in the event of Brexit. This is because: a). Cross border taxation of income and capital (such as French property rental income, proceeds of property sales, UK residents inheriting French property, and all UK sourced income for French residents) is subject to existing Double Tax Treaties, which are set up completely independently from the EU and therefore do not fall under EU regulation. The UK leaving the EU will not automatically change this system

Focus on Inheritance Tax and Legalities

We asked Spanish property experts for their thoughts and guidance on the effects of Brexit for expats and property buyers in Spain. What are the effects on inheritance? EEA citizens currently pay the same inheritance tax as locals in Spain, however, as these double-taxation treaties are not created by the EU, Brexit should not affect these UK-Spain tax agreements. So, the reassuring news is that nothing will really change over the next two years. The main implication of the Leave decision that you need to be concerned with in the short term is the effect on exchange rates, and therefore your s