How is Brexit affecting expats in France?

Theresa May has put off the vote on Brexit until March 12th, and so the uncertainty continues. Will there be a transition period, or will people moving here afterwards need to follow the visa route? And what about us already here – what is Brexit’s effect on expats in France? How can you prepare and get more certainty around your status? 

How does holiday home insurance in Spain work?

Renting out a holiday home when you’re not using it is a fantastic way to earn a second income stream, but it needs careful planning. Most guests are respectful, but you can occasionally run into someone who causes problems – which is why holiday home insurance in Spain is so important. But what does it cover, and how much does it cost?

What are your options for an Australian visa?

Many of us are attracted to starting a new life in Australia by the sunny climate, outdoorsy, healthy lifestyle, friendly people and excellent job opportunities. However, before you start packing your bags, you do need to get over one hurdle. How do you get an Australian visa? Today, we’re running through your main options that’ll help you get started on your move Down Under as soon as possible. With the Australian spring coming up, now is a great time to start planning your move!

What should I know about moving to France with less than 6 months to Brexit?

At last weekend’s Your Overseas Home show, France Property Guide spoke to several people who were worried about their property purchase in France being affected by Brexit. Many others may be feeling the same way. This article will allay fears and explain why we believe you should continue your plans with confidence, whether you buy in France before Brexit or not.

How to get residency in Portugal

Getting official residency in Portugal is something you must think about if you intend to stay long term. This article explains all the details, quirks and possible frustrations you might encounter. 

Getting a working visa for Quebec

Quebec is a popular part of Canada for immigrants, with the bustling city of Montreal a particular draw. Historic Quebec City itself offers a more ‘European’ lifestyle (just surrounded by very North American majestic nature). Getting a working visa for Quebec is a different process to the rest of Canada. Nonetheless, if you follow the steps below, it’ll be easy to navigate.