How does inheritance law work in Canada?

We’ll forgive you for getting distracted by prairies, ski resorts and vibrant cities when you first move to Canada. However, one matter that should be top priority is protecting your assets. To protect yourself and your loved ones when you emigrate, you need to get clued up on how succession law tax on in inheritance in Canada work.

How do you get a building survey in Italy?

As soon as you walk through the door you may know in your heart that this is your dream home. But, just pause a minute and take off those rose-tinted glasses. Consider its condition and the cost of bringing it up to standard. Could you do it? What will it cost? How do you get a building survey in Italy? You find a Geometra.

How to exchange your driving licence before Brexit in Italy

We have our Italian residency and have now been advised by the UK government to also exchange our UK driving licence for an Italian one before Brexit. Concerned that, after Brexit, it could involve an Italian driving test we have got ours exchanged now. Find out how we did it, how the process works and what you need to bring with you.

How is Brexit affecting expats in France?

Theresa May has put off the vote on Brexit until March 12th, and so the uncertainty continues. Will there be a transition period, or will people moving here afterwards need to follow the visa route? And what about us already here – what is Brexit’s effect on expats in France? How can you prepare and get more certainty around your status? 

How does holiday home insurance in Spain work?

Renting out a holiday home when you’re not using it is a fantastic way to earn a second income stream, but it needs careful planning. Most guests are respectful, but you can occasionally run into someone who causes problems – which is why holiday home insurance in Spain is so important. But what does it cover, and how much does it cost?

What are your options for an Australian visa?

Many of us are attracted to starting a new life in Australia by the sunny climate, outdoorsy, healthy lifestyle, friendly people and excellent job opportunities. However, before you start packing your bags, you do need to get over one hurdle. How do you get an Australian visa? Today, we’re running through your main options that’ll help you get started on your move Down Under as soon as possible. With the Australian spring coming up, now is a great time to start planning your move!