First 10 things to do when moving to Italy

Thousands of British people have made the move to Italy in the past few weeks – and many more are still in the process – as they beat the Brexit transition door closing. So, what do you need to do as soon as you step off the plane?

Become resident in Italy in 2020

With Brexit “done”, British people planning a move to Italy have until the end of the year to ensure a hassle-free move or retirement there. Here is what you need to do to be a legal resident in Italy.

Brexit update: Boris signals softening on controls

The British Prime Minister’s mention this week that his government is planning to abandon the plan to ensure all EU migrants to the UK must be coming for jobs paying over £30,000 suggests that “freedom of movement” could be less of an issue than anticipated for those moving to Italy. Indeed, for most people looking for a new life in Italy, Brexit shouldn’t be the end of your plans, but just the start!

The notary and your Italian house purchase

Buying a property in Italy has different processes to the UK or USA, but they are nothing to worry about – they are there to protect you. Read about the role of the notary in your Italian house purchase.

Non-habitual residency in Portugal: all you need to know

Portugal is a highly desirable location for permanent living and for retirement. But it’s not just about sunshine, great food and friendly people. The non-habitual residency scheme allows many people moving from overseas to pay a special low, flat tax rate on their Portuguese income – and no tax on foreign income, including pensions.
Your guide to finances for emigration

Your guide to finances for emigration

Fed up with the whole Brexit back and forth and ready to start a new life on the other side of the globe, away from both the UK and Europe? Don’t blame you. But just remember, crucial to a successful long-haul emigration is efficient organising of your personal finances before you leave. Here are some pointers to set you on your way.