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Small cities see big rise in property prices

Property prices in New Zealand have been growing steadily in rural areas, while the bigger cities are going through more of a correction. Hastings and Whanganui remain firm favourites among buyers, with demand causing a leap of over 20% in prices. Meanwhile, in the South Island, Dunedin is also seeing a boost in house prices.

Building your own, part 3: finding a builder

Now that you’ve sourced the perfect plot of land and found the architect who is going to bring all your property daydreams to life, there is one final – rather essential – step: finding a builder. In Part three of our series, we’re looking at where to find a decent builder and the steps involved in getting your house built when you move to New Zealand.

Building your home, part 2: architects and planning permission

For part two of our ‘Building your own Home’ series, we’re taking a closer look at how to find a reputable architect in New Zealand and what steps you need to take to obtain planning permission before you can build your dream home. And, if you missed part one, on buying the land, make sure to have a read!

Where are the best places to live in New Zealand’s South Island?

New Zealand’s South Island is known the world over for its incredible beauty, from snowy mountains and glaciers, to tropical peninsulas and lakes so blue you won’t believe your eyes. Basing yourself here means a relaxed pace of life, outdoor adventures, a decent climate and – in some places – affordable living. So, what viable options does the South Island have for people looking to move to New Zealand?

How do taxes in New Zealand work?

Just when you thought you’d heard every ranking New Zealand tops, here’s another one: the world’s best personal tax system! Even moving to the other side of the world might not free you from paying up, but, luckily, the tax system that you will be greeted with is incredibly easy to navigate and is focused on fairness and predictability.

Starting a new life in Auckland

If we told you that you could enjoy city living in a place where the sun shines, you can pop to the beach after a day’s work at your very well-paid job, and where property prices and rent are reasonable, would you be on the next flight? Today, we’re taking a look at what the wonderful city of Auckland offers to overseas buyers.

10 best locations for your winter holiday home in New Zealand

The mention of New Zealand immediately summons up images of sunny days and sandy beaches. But did you know that there’s just as much to do in winter, from skiing to whale-watching? And, if it is warmer weather you’re after, escape to the mild climate of the Bay of Plenty. Find out our top ten spots for a winter holiday home in New Zealand.

Can you retire to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a wonderful place to retire. Greener and less crowded than the UK, but with a mild climate and shared language and history. So, can you retire to New Zealand? We check out your options. [Please note, all procedures for moving to New Zealand are on hold at the time of writing, February 2021]

Buying in New Zealand: the buying process

Buying a home in New Zealand isn’t too different to in the UK, but there are a few extra steps: how do you find a good solicitor when you’re in a new country, for instance, and how do you get your money across without losing out to changing currency markets? Find out in our Buying in New Zealand guide.

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