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Stay up to date with all the latest New Zealand real estate news. Through our extensive coverage, you won’t need to go anywhere else for all the developments from Down Under.

If you’re going to buy a property in New Zealand, then you should definitely keep an eye on our New Zealand property market news ahead of the big move. You’ll find plenty of insight, including updates on regulation changes, forecasts, and new housing trends.

Where to buy in New Zealand in 2021

Travelling was difficult in 2020, to say the least! Although most of us can’t travel abroad yet in 2021, it’s looking like it will be a year of more opportunities, excitement, and the perfect time to buy your dream home in New Zealand.

New Zealand to move to Alert Level 1

New Zealand has been widely praised for their fast response to COVID-19. Next week the country is expected to be one of the first in the world to move from COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – ‘Reduce’ to Alert Level 1 – ‘Prepare’. Here’s an important update on what life under Level 1 means for New Zealanders.

How is New Zealand coping with coronavirus?

New Zealand was one of the country’s that has acted the fastest in response to the coronavirus outbreak, with Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern ordering Level Four lockdown when the country had only 238 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and zero fatalities. This swift and strict approach appears to have worked and as of Monday 20th April, the country only has 1,440 confirmed cases.

How do you get a mortgage in New Zealand?

When you’ve found that dream home and it’s time to buy, chances are you’ll need to secure a mortgage to do so. We investigate how mortgages work in New Zealand, how you can lock yours in and reveal what actions you can take to make the process smooth and easy.  

Where are the best family areas of Auckland?

With great job opportunities, fantastic education and a waterside location that guarantees you’ll enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s no surprise Auckland is top choice for Brits making the move to New Zealand. It’s important to choose a location that ticks every box on your family’s wish-list, so today we’re running through some of the best family-friendly suburbs in Auckland.

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