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If you are looking for a Greek property with sun, sea and restaurants, within driving distance of Athens and its airport, then the Gulf of Corinth could be the place.

Around the topaz blue waters of the Corinth Gulf are holiday apartments in seaside villages, and houses along the coast with panoramic sea views. Whichever location you choose, you won’t have far to drive to find all the facilities you need in the modern town of Corinth, and the City of Athens is only a further hour away.

Some beautiful Greek locations are difficult to get to in the off-season but not the Gulf of Cornith, it is a little over an hour’s drive from Athens International Airport. You can get an affordable flight from the UK to Athens throughout the year. A direct flight from Stansted to Athens is three hours and thirty-five minutes.

Being able to drive easily to the Corinth Gulf from Athens airport makes it a convenient location to have a holiday home, that you can reach all year round. For those working in Athens, it’s a great weekend getaway and Corinth town has everything you need for year-round living.

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The modern town of Corinth

Loutraki, a seaside resort in Corinthia.

Loutraki, a seaside resort in Corinthia.

Located about 4km west of the Corinth Canal, on the Gulf of Corinth, is the town of the same name. This modern town was founded after the ancient city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1858. As well as being a road hub for people travelling to the Peloponnese by car or coach. Athens Suburban Railway  goes from Pereaus to Kiato, via a number of stops including Athens and Corinth. Yachts passing through the Corinth Canal, can also stop over at one of Corinth’s marinas.

The most historic buildings in Cornith are the courthouse, dating to 1908, the National Bank (1934) and The Theological school (1924). However, what the town lacks in historic architecture, it makes up for in modern facilities and wide pedestrianised streets lined with palm trees, shops and cafes. There are some glamourous shops too, including ones selling leather goods and jewellery.

Suitable for year-round living there is a hospital, doctors, opticians, supermarkets, museums etc.  You can also pick up fresh fruit and vegetables at the outdoor market on a Saturday morning.  A large industrial area on the outskirts of town creates jobs for many of Corinth’s 30,000 inhabitants and products are exported by ship across the Gulf of Corinth from the town’s port.

Next to the port is a large city square, with a statue of Pegasus and the relaxing trickling sound of the fountains. There are plenty of opportunities to dine on the waterfront and take a stroll. The coastline is a combination of rocks, sand and pebble beaches.

Corinth Beaches

gulf of Corinth beaches

You’ll be able to find plenty of lovely beaches to enjoy the sunshine from!

For a large town, Corinth has a well organised and convenient town beach called Kalamia. The beach is a mix of sand and small pebbles, with the highlight being the clear turquoise waters of the Gulf of Corinth. There are good facilities such as cafes, restaurants, parking, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a lifeguard.

If you prefer a sandy beach, Kantare beach, is just along the coast right before you reach Lechaio village. Also great for families and sandcastles is Kato Assos beach.

Property prices in Corinth

A one bedroom apartment with a sea view can cost from €100,000. In the town its possible to find apartments for around €70,000. House prices vary a lot depending on location, but start at €260,000.

The Corinth Canal

Everyone has heard of the famous Corinth Canal, which gives ships a route through the isthmus of Corinth. The canal allows vessels to reach the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea from the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea.

The Corinth Canal amazes visitors, because only when you see it in person can you take in its sheer size. It is 80 metres in depth, 6.3 kilometres long, 23 metres wide, and the water is eight metres deep.

The best view of the canal is from the bridge, where the road crosses. However, the submersible bridge at the north-west end is also a very interesting piece of engineering. It can be sunk below the surface, allowing smaller ships and sailing boats to pass through.

Prior to it’s closure for restoration work around 15,000 vessels were passing through the canal each year. Mostly cruise ships and yachts, some of which also visit ports and marinas around the Gulf of Corinth. Although, Corinth Canal has been closed to ships for restoration work, it will be open temporarily from 1st June 2023 until 1st October 2023.

Ancient Corinth

About 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) southwest of the modern town is the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth. This was one of the most important cities of Greece, until the Romans demolished it in 146 BC, replacing it with a new city in 44 BC. Today, amid the archaeological excavations, you can see the ruins of various buildings including temples, a forum, baths, and a basilica. Within the site is also a museum displaying many of the artefacts found.

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo.

The most important monument in Ancient Corinth, the imposing Doric Temple of Apollo lies on a low hill and dominates the site. The temple was built around 540 BCE, on the site of an earlier seventh-century-BCE temple. Today you can see seven of the remaining monolithic limestone columns.


Castle of Acrocorinth, Upper Corinth

Castle of Acrocorinth, Upper Corinth.

Acrocorinth (Akrokorinthos) lies 3.5 kilometres south of Ancient Corinth. It is an amazing fortification on a rocky hill. Originally fortified in ancient times it was maintained and extended during the Byzantine, Frankish, Turkish, and Venetian periods, so that its walls now measure almost two kilometres in length. From the top you can enjoy spectacular views of the Isthmus and Peloponnese hills.

Villages around the Corinth Gulf

The 8A road offers the fastest run along the west side of the Corinth Gulf. However, the old National Road Corinth – Patras, runs closer to the sea, passing through successive small coastal towns and holiday villages. This lacy coastline has a succession of bays with small sandy beaches. Where the sea is shallow and warm.

You will find many cafes and tavernas, mainly serving fresh seafood, with tables right on the waters edge.  Alternatively, inland a little you will find tavernas grilling meat.


Midway between Corinth and Kiato and about 15 minutes drive from each is Vrachati. This seaside village has a population of less than 3.5 thousand, with houses nicely spread out. It has everything you need for fun holidays including a sports hall, gym, waterfront parking, marina, outdoor cinema, bank and supermarket. The beach is pebbly with shallow waters and has a Blue Flag. It is lively in summer, with many cafes. It is known for the feast of St. Paraskevi on 26th July.

Property prices in Vrachati

A small apartment with a sea view that needs some work can start at €65,000. For €90,000 you might get a 90m2 apartment. Houses outside the town start at about €250,000.


Less than 10 mins from Kiato is a lovely village called Velo. It is slightly inland, with the sea being just 5 minutes drive. Velo has a population of around 8,000 and has two schools, supermarkets, restaurants and some beautiful churches. It is a lovely area for walks.

Property prices in Velo

€280,000 could buy you a lovely three bedroom detached house in Velo. A two bedroom sea view apartment at nearby Kokkoni can cost €115,000.



Discover Kiato.

Kiato is located on the Corinthian Gulf, near the mouth of the Asopos River. It has only 9,812 residents, but it attracts a lot of tourists in the summer. Kiato has a long waterfront that is perfect for seaside walks. Along the way there are children’s playgrounds, restaurants and parks. In some parts there are narrow beaches and in others large rocks. The ancient city of Sicyon was located 4 km southwest of present day Kiato, where you can now see an archeological site and museum.

Kiato is 13 km southeast of Xylokastro and 18 km northwest of Corinth. The Greek National Road 8A (Patras – Corinth – Athens) passes southwest of the town.  It is the western terminus of a Proastiakos (suburban railway) line to Athens. Travellers to Patras from Athens switch between train and bus in Kiato.

Property prices in Kiato

Two bedroom sea view apartments start at about €135,000. Houses start at around €140,000. However, you can sometimes find cheaper ones that need renovation or are small.

land plot

Up for a project? Land plot for sale in Kiato, €73,000. Click on the image to see more.


Xylokastro has over 15,000 inhabitants and good facilities, including Schools, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, a marina, gym, football ground, and beach. The river Sythas runs to its west and there are mountains to its south and southwest.

A big attractions is the pine forest of Pefkia, due to its beautiful organized blue flag beaches and the coastal path, which is ideal for walking while enjoying the scents of the flowers and plants. There are fountains, benches, cafes, and restaurants dotted along the path. Also, there is a very popular cycle route.

Other attractions in Xylokastro are the Monastery of Panagia Korfiotissa, dating from the 17th century, and the church of Agios Vlasios. There is also a lovely sheltered harbour for small boats with an open air theatre, which holds concerts and theatrical performances.

Property prices in Xylokastro

It is sometimes possible to find small apartments for as little as €40,000, you can even get a sea view from €85,000. There are some cheap houses inland that need renovation, and one with a distant sea view can cost €215,000.

coastal home, Greece.

This coastal home is just 100 metres from the water’s edge. Xylokastro, Peloponnese. €139,000. 


Likoporia is a village on the coast of the Corinth Gulf. It is about 50km from Corinth in the area of Xylokastro. It is easy to reach from the Greek Highway. There is a lovely coast road and many beautiful houses with sea views. The combination of the mountains and the Corinth Gulf gives you the opportunity to spend pleasant holidays near nature. Property prices all around the Gulf of Corinth are very reasonable, especially when you compare them to seaside towns in other countries.

Property prices in Likoporia

You can find two bedroom apartments for €65,000 in Likoporia, and gorgeous villas from €250,000.

Likoporia, house 200 metres from beach, €250,000.

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