Written by Scarlett Murray,
18th April 2023

With a winning combination of an increase in the number of direct flights from the UK to Greece and pleasant, warm weather, we discuss why spring is an ideal time for going on a viewing trip and setting your property plans in motion. 

Have you booked your viewing trip to Greece this spring?

An abundance of feta, an amazing long history that boggles the mind, 3,000 hours of sunshine a year – there is, indisputably, a lot to love about Greece. And from affordability of property to the possibility of having your very own pool, there is a lot to love about owning a home in Greece too.

However, while flights from the UK to Athens have a steady flow year-round, it can be difficult to get a direct route to certain parts of Greece in the off-season. This might be perfectly fine if you like turning your journey into an adventure: a plane to Athens, an explore of the great capital, and then a domestic flight – or, for more sights and the breeze of sea air, a ferry – to your preferred destination.

If you are planning to live in Greece full time rather than have a holiday home, we would recommend really researching the wintertime routes. If there is a chance that you will need to get back to the UK in a hurry, two flights or a ferry and a flight might be too complicated a journey. So, if you want a home with good access to the UK whatever the weather, Athens and Thessaloniki have flights all year round.

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Greece is sunny in April

woman smiling in Greece

The sun shines more reliably in Greece in April then it does over here.

The great news is that we are officially out of the off-season! Okay, maybe not so much in the UK. We’re in that phase where it is sometimes lovely and sunny and we can see summer on the horizon and it is sometimes very grey and we are drenched through and wondering why on earth we left our umbrella at home.

Meanwhile in Greece in April the average daily maximum is 19°C. There is a 66% chance of a sunny day and 34% chance of a mixture of sunshine and clouds. Those certainly feel like better odds than the ones we have in the UK.

Your route to Greece just got easier

Plus, what this warmer weather means is that there are more direct flights from the UK to Greece. It tends to be that direct flights from the islands to the UK last from mid to late March until the end of October or the beginning of November. This year, budget-friendly airlines have added even more routes.

New Flights to Greece 2023

Why now is a fantastic time to embark on purchasing a property in Greece.

six-bedroom villa in Crete

Our property portal is bursting with homes to fall in love with. This is a six-bedroom villa in Almyrida, Crete for €595,000. If you would like to see more of this property, enquire and hey – maybe even book a viewing trip to go see it, click on the image.

If you would like a step-by-step look at the process of buying a home in Greece, then have a read of our guide here. One of the most crucial steps is going on a viewing trip. Browsing through our extensive property portal, you are bound to find a handful of properties that have the potential to be perfect for you . After that, we recommend contacting an estate agent. A good one will be able to give you lots of useful knowledge about the area that you are interested in. But nothing beats seeing a property in-person for yourself. It will enable you to get a real feel for the properties and choose “the one”.

Here are five reasons spring is a great time to put your Greece property plans in motion.

1. An easier journey than it would be in winter

The increase in flights means going on your viewing trip will be easier. While catching a flight to Athens and then another might feel like a fun adventure, it isn’t necessarily practical or convenient.

Additionally, if you leave your first viewing trip feeling undecided, it is much easier to return than it would be during the winter months.

2. Flights are cheaper than in summer

According to Sky Scanner, in August, the average price of a ticket from the UK to Mykonos is £299. And £121 for Corfu. Meanwhile, in April, the average price for Mykonos is £98. And £105 for Corfu. April in Mykonos is around 18°C while Corfu is 21°C, so Corfu is warmer for longer, which at least partly explains why a ticket to Corfu in April will save you a few pennies compared to August. While a ticket to Mykonos in April rather than August will save you a fair few more.

3. A new side to Greece

Outside eating area of a property.

And here is another property from our portal that it might just be worth booking a viewing trip to go and see! Four-bedroom villa in Xirokambi, Crete, €320,000. Click on the picture for more.

You may well have visited Greece in spring before, but it may be that your home buying plans are inspired by many a fantastic holiday there in the middle of summer. We totally understand. Greece is terrific in summer. But this is a chance to see it in a different light.

Greece is a hotspot for tourists, especially from June to August. Last year, 4.5 million people were registered at Greek entry points. With the sunny weather and the increase in flights, you can expect to see more tourists in Greece than you would in the winter, it is not yet the height of the season, so without the crowds, it will be easier to see the properties. And it will be quieter. More low-key.

4. Work out the property’s year-round rental appeal

If you are planning to rent out your property in Greece, it is important to get an idea of just how many months of the year you can do that. If you like your Greek home in spring, one option could be to stay there yourself until about June, and then rent it out to holidaymakers during the peak season for the greatest yield.

Greece do have some complex rules around rental properties, so do some research before deciding that it is what you want to do.

Don’t get caught out! 5 things to be aware of renting out property in Greece  


5. The weather is perfect for property searching

Greek villa

Look at the flowers this home is fortunate enough to have, Spring will be beautiful here. This is a four-bedroom villa in Kefalos, Aegean Islands for €450,000. Click on the picture for more.

Greece can be hot. 30 degrees with a big bright sun shining above you. Perfect if you are dozing on a beach and have the sea to jump into when you need to cool off. Not so perfect if you are driving or walking around to see different properties. 19 degrees is more much pleasant weather for home hunting!

Buying Property in Greece

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