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Last Modified: 22nd December 2022

2022 has seen a record-breaking number of international buyers purchasing luxury villas in Greece.

Data released by Greece’s Sotheby International Realty shows what an incredible year it has been for luxury homes in Greece.

Corfu and Mykonos are the top two regions that foreign buyers are drawn to for purchasing luxury properties. This year in Mykonos, a transaction was made for a record-breaking €23 million euros. But if that number makes your head swoon, know that this transaction definitely isn’t the norm. It is approximately four times the value of the island’s average transactions.


Mykonos is especially beloved by luxury property purchasers.


Behind Corfu and Mykonos, were the Athens Rivera, Paros, and Rhodes.

However, prices aren’t just looking up for these well-known hotspots. Luxury properties were sold in record-breaking numbers in Syros, Lefkada, and Paxoi too.

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Where are these international buyers from?

Britain! We clearly love luxury properties in Greece, as we are the top buyers of them. Furthermore, Britain was followed by the USA, France, Greece, and Germany in the top five.

What makes Mykonos and Corfu so luxurious?

woman looking out to Mykonos.

What makes Mykonos such a brilliant destination?


Glitzy, hedonistic, and beautiful, Mykonos combines multiple elements to make it the dream destination. Known for its glorious beaches, hip hotels, fabulous bars, and fine dining, it is populated by fashionistas and celebrities. Indeed, Mykonos is often framed as the Greek answer to the likes of Ibiza and St. Tropez. It is home to the post-card perfect, white-washed buildings with blue rooftops. Not only this, but it has exceptional natural beauty.

sunbeds and sea, Corfu.

Would you like to live in Corfu?


Corfu is similarly wonderful. Green with vegetation but also home to a resort-studded coastline, Corfu has been said to be the Queen of the Ionian Islands. Like Mykonos, it is famed for its beaches, but Corfu is particularly praised for its turquoise waters.The historical Corfu can still be found today in its UNSECO world heritage Old Town and its Venetian forts and towers.

Could I live in Mykonos and Corfu too?

The great news is that you don’t have to have €23 million to have your own slice of Mykonos and Corfu. If you are looking for a little less than luxury villa in Mykonos, the starting price would be €600,000. Moreover, Corfu has much more varied options. If you are interested in renovating a property, it is possible to find a three-bedroom for under €100,000. However, if you would prefer somewhere that is ready for you to move into with little to no work, then the cost of a villa would be €400,000.

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Now for a little inspiration…

Four-bedroom, Mykonos, Cyclades, €1,100,000


Mykonos house with pool

Tempted to live here?


This is a beautiful four-bedroom property in a complex of villas. It is built in the style of gorgeous traditional Mykonian architecture with all the modern appliances you could need. And perhaps the biggest plus: it is only 2km from the beach!

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